Yellowstone Supervolcano, Season 1

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Beneath the spectacular beauty of Yellowstone National Park lies a ticking time bomb... a supervolcano that's overdue for its next eruption. When that day inevitably comes, it will trigger the end of civilization as we know it. See how recent earthquake swarms and other signals of activity have put scientists on high alert for a large-scale super volcanic eruption. Then, witness the worldwide effects of this cataclysmic eruption, which experts predict will produce energy equivalent to the detonation of 1,000 nuclear bombs.

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Animal Loverjulian
Animal Loverjulian
16 August 2019

There is no way that truck was going full speed away from the pyroclastic flow

El Hombre de oro
El Hombre de oro
14 August 2019

Perhaps now Mexico will pay for the wall.

John Wooden
John Wooden
24 August 2019

You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one.

Gabe Gu
Gabe Gu
11 August 2019

Is it gonna happen? Yeah.... it is goona to happen

JoDee Dubois
JoDee Dubois
09 August 2019

Really like this movie! Some of the science is off but the main points are pretty accurate. A supervalcano would effect the entire worlds weather for years afterwards. Great place to visit though.☺

finestplanet 1
Finestplanet 1
31 July 2019

I have a great idea, How about enjoying your life and love one another. Say a kind word or random deed. If it happens it happens nothing anyone can do to stop it. Should you have faith of a kind stand on that Word. +🙏🌼❤

spazzy MacGee
Spazzy MacGee
29 July 2019

Just hurry up and erupt already! A few less million Americans can only be good for the planet!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
24 August 2019

Chuck Norris was breifly considered for the next Batman movie, but after test shoots, it became clear that it's impossible to film the batroundhouse kick and survive.

Yolanda Bernal
Yolanda Bernal
25 July 2019

Tenaz, que no sea en nuestro tiempo, por misericordia Divina.

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Yellowstone National Park is an American national park located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It was established by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872. Yellowstone was the first national park in the U.S. and is also widely held to be the first national park in the world. The park is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially Old Faithful geyser, one of its most popular features. It has many types of ecosystems, but the subalpine forest is the most abundant. It is part of the South Central Rockies forests ecoregion. Native Americans have lived in the Yellowstone region for at least 11,000 years. Aside from visits by mountain men during the early-to-mid-19th century, organized exploration did not begin until the late 1860s. Management and control of the park originally fell under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior, the first being Columbus Delano. However, the U.S. Army was subsequently commissioned to oversee management of Yellowstone for a 30-year period between 1886 and 1916. In 1917, administration of the park was transferred to the National Park Service, which had been created the previous year. Hundreds of structures have been built and are protected for their architectural and historical significance, and researchers have examined more than a thousand archaeological sites. Yellowstone National Park spans an area of 3,468.4 square miles (8,983 km2), comprising lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. Yellowstone Lake is one of the largest high-elevation lakes in North America and is centered over the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the continent. The caldera is considered an active volcano. It has erupted with tremendous force several times in the last two million years. Half of the world's geysers and hydrothermal features are in Yellowstone, fueled by this ongoing volcanism. Lava flows and rocks from volcanic eruptions cover most of the land area of Yellowstone. The park is the centerpiece of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the largest remaining nearly-intact ecosystem in the Earth's northern temperate zone. In 1978, Yellowstone was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles have been documented, including several that are either endangered or threatened. The vast forests and grasslands also include unique species of plants. Yellowstone Park is the largest and most famous megafauna location in the contiguous United States. Grizzly bears, wolves, and free-ranging herds of bison and elk live in this park. The Yellowstone Park bison herd is the oldest and largest public bison herd in the United States. Forest fires occur in the park each year; in the large forest fires of 1988, nearly one third of the park was burnt. Yellowstone has numerous recreational opportunities, including hiking, camping, boating, fishing and sightseeing. Paved roads provide close access to the major geothermal areas as well as some of the lakes and waterfalls. During the winter, visitors often access the park by way of guided tours that use either snow coaches or snowmobiles..

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