Alias, Season 4

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The action explodes in the phenomenal fourth season of Alias. When Sydney (Jennifer Garner) leaves the CIA to join a powerful new Black Ops unit, she has no idea of the reunion in store for her. It's nonstop excitement, from the spectacular two-hour first episode to the stunning impact of the season's final seconds.

Alias Grace is based on Margaret Atwood's award-winning novel. The six-hour miniseries follows Grace Marks, a poor, young Irish immigrant and domestic ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Authorized Personnel Only, Pt. 143:27USD 0.99Download
2Authorized Personnel Only, Pt. 243:24USD 0.99Download
3The Awful Truth40:48USD 0.99Download
4Ice40:36USD 0.99Download
5Welcome to Liberty Village41:28USD 0.99Download
6Nocturne41:44USD 0.99Download
7Detente40:39USD 0.99Download
8Echoes42:37USD 0.99Download
9A Man of His Word40:05USD 0.99Download
10The Index42:27USD 0.99Download
11The Road Home41:31USD 0.99Download
12The Orphan43:17USD 0.99Download
13Tuesday43:25USD 0.99Download
14Nightingale42:03USD 0.99Download
15Pandora43:15USD 0.99Download
16Another Mister Sloane42:01USD 0.99Download
17A Clean Conscience42:29USD 0.99Download
18Mirage42:36USD 0.99Download
19In Dreams...43:09USD 0.99Download
20The Descent42:53USD 0.99Download
21Search and Rescue43:08USD 0.99Download
22Before the Flood43:04USD 0.99Download

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07 December 2019

Название фильма пажалуста мне 🙏🙏🙏

5 star

Yes released in HD. Thank you! Can we now how season 5 in HD

3 star

This is such a fantastic show, but now the first three seasons are available in HD, this season needs to follow suit. Please release this season in HD too.

Tacto Jaguar
Tacto Jaguar
5 star

Please please can you put ALL seasons into iTunes and then I will buy. I've been checking for 2 years and still they are not here!

Sooo7 !
Sooo7 !
03 December 2019


synchro girl
Synchro girl
5 star

ALIAS is THE best show ever! She plays this charector perfectly! she makes me want to be a spy! this series is one of the best and they should have kept making them. it was simply amazing and highly addictive. i watched all 5 seasons in like 2 weeks.

5 star

FINALLY! Quality television on Canadian iTunes! As dreadful as Season 5 was, Alias is still my favorite series of all time!

Oliver Holmes
Oliver Holmes
10 December 2019

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

01 December 2019

Just finished watching it. Great acting, very disturbing imagery and plot lay heavy on the heart. Amazes me how a person can go through so much misery in life. No wonder she had split personality. The ending made me sad. I did not quite understand what happened to Dr. Jordan




24 November 2019

Hey Netflix/Hollywood: Hire Irish actors for Irish rolls I say this after a hollywood exec wanted to cast julia roberts in their false historical rewrite of Harriet Tubman. That said, the show itself looks interesting and well done.

Christopher McKeever
Christopher McKeever
22 November 2019

So good

Nattasha Neeno
Nattasha Neeno
13 November 2019

When season 2is on aired?

ARC (Angry Running Camel)
ARC (Angry Running Camel)
5 star

Alias is awesome!!! I highly recommend watching it. It is full of action and excitement but still has lots of romance. Once you start watching it you can't stop!!! Alias is the best show I have ever seen in my entire life. I truly love Jennifer Garner. She did wonderful. They did a great job writing the show. It will never get old.

Toshkent Yankee!
Toshkent Yankee!
5 star

It's a great show but it's a pit that iTunes doesn't have first three - I'd say main introductory - seasons. Without them viewers have no clue about the main character Sydney Bristow, her family, her background, how she became a spy and events happened long before her birth. Moreover, I don't understand why there is no HD version, the show was aired in ABC HD. I totally recommend this show as it's totally entertaining.

5 star

Please iTunes get all the season of Alias. I mean where is season one, two and three?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
10 December 2019

Greek Gods fled to Mount Olympus they saw Chuck Norris wandered on earth.

Ирина Буликпаева
Ирина Буликпаева
10 November 2019

Как называеца этот филим

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