Alias, Season 5

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The final season kicks off with a shocking revelation and never lets you catch your breath. Jennifer Garner stars as a secret agent facing one mother of a challenge. Old enemies and favorite guests return for the action-packed series finale.

Homemade Season 5 Opening.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Prophet Five43:11USD 0.99Download
2...1...42:40USD 0.99Download
3The Shed43:15USD 0.99Download
4Mockingbird42:52USD 0.99Download
5Out of the Box41:55USD 0.99Download
6Solo42:07USD 0.99Download
7Fait Accompli42:32USD 0.99Download
8Bob43:00USD 0.99Download
9The Horizon41:42USD 0.99Download
10S.O.S.42:21USD 0.99Download
11Maternal Instinct42:41USD 0.99Download
12There's Only One Sydney Bristow42:22USD 0.99Download
1330 Seconds42:59USD 0.99Download
14I See Dead People42:27USD 0.99Download
15No Hard Feelings42:31USD 0.99Download
16Reprisal43:07USD 0.99Download
17All the Time In the World43:11USD 0.99Download

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21 April 2008

Wow I thought that was really cool, great job!

5 star

Come on iTunes UK why is this not in HD I specifically haven’t purchased this season as it will be out of place quality wise compared to the other 4. It’s been out over a decade and you still haven’t remastered it in HD??? It’s a shame because it’s the finale and completes & compliments the other 4.

5 star

One of my favorite tv shows of all time! Have four seasons holding out until you add season 5. US store has it, figures...

1 star

Seasons 1-4 have been available in HD for some time now but despite having been stated and requested in a number of reviews, season 5 is still not available in HD. This makes no sense as season 5 is available in HD on Amazon Video. I bought seasons 1-4 sometime ago but I don't want to watch them until I can watch all five seasons back to back. Please iTunes, release season 5 of Alias in HD.

Cargo hold
Cargo hold
3 star

This is a great season. Classic Alias, but the video quality is really bad. Full screen instead of widescreen. So if you care about that sort of thing, maybe purchase an episode and see how you like it before getting the entire season. Video is fine for iPad, just not for tv.

Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball
22 August 2019

Id rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not done.

5 star

I agree with the majority here ... I love this show and have every season. I was excited to finally see it had hit the iTunes store but extremely dissapointed to know I can not justify spending 50 bucks for the last season when I can get it for a fraction of the price in the stores. Lower the price and I will buy it but until then Competitor prices wins hands down.

5 star

This explosive season revs it up a notch in true Alias style. Sydney is the ultimate sexy spy who's complexity is matched by the devastatingly beautiful French woman - The Raven. Brilliant scripts, unforgetable performances and stunning photography prove that Alias has indeed left an indelable mark on television history.

1 star

love the show but the PRICE- OUCH!! C'mon iTunes high prices only encourage people to look elsewhere for their content. The distribution model is perfect, just not the price. If it comes down I will definitely buy, but otherwise its off to JB Hi-Fi.

5 star

Were are the Rest of the Series ALIAS. Jeeze how can you know whats going on if you cant see the other seasons, none the less season one. Come on itunes put all ALIAS seasons and on sale too. iTunes please put Season's 1-3 on here.

5 star

This is one of the best shows but to bad it ended you guys have to see this show you wont stop watching it. You should watch the bloopers on youitube, it is so funny

5 star

I loved this show! Apple please get the first three seasons!!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
22 August 2019

If you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, you are probably between Chuck Norris' foot and a brick wall.

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