Outlander, Season 4

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Season Four of Outlander continues the story of time-traveling 20th century doctor Claire Fraser and her 18th century Highlander husband Jamie Fraser as they try to make a home for themselves in colonial America. All Episodes available 5/27/2019.

Brianna finally finds her father, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), in this clip from Outlander Season 4, Episode 9. #Outlander #STARZ Watch Outlander now on the ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1America the Beautiful 1:02:04USD 1.99Download
2Do No Harm55:04USD 1.99Download
3The False Bride59:04USD 1.99Download
4Common Ground57:54USD 1.99Download
5Savages54:27USD 1.99Download
6Blood of My Blood59:12USD 1.99Download
7Down the Rabbit Hole59:12USD 1.99Download
8Wilmington53:47USD 1.99Download
9The Birds & the Bees58:22USD 1.99Download
10The Deep Heart's Core53:13USD 1.99Download
11If Not for Hope58:41USD 1.99Download
12Providence55:24USD 1.99Download
13Man of Worth59:45USD 1.99Download
14Outlander: Series Recap01:40FreeDownload
15Outlander Untold: Young Ian Wins Rollo04:55Download
16Outlander Untold: Lord John & William04:35Download
17Outlander Untold: Unwanted Houseguests03:59Download
18Outlander Untold: Tea for Two06:11Download
19Gag Reel05:25Download
20Here in the New World08:44Download
21Nothing is Lost: A Look Back08:31Download
22Training Rollo01:30Download

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larissa alex
Larissa alex
18 November 2019

when i first saw this.......i was literally sobbing

John Courtright
John Courtright
13 November 2019

1:12 "It's you!?" ... "It's me ... can't you tell?" ... "Aye, ... I can". This part wrecks me!

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
19 November 2019

Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.

Thais Alberti
Thais Alberti
13 November 2019

He passed his hand that held your dick on face of his doughter, know... that’s suck

11 November 2019

Why Brianna love an ugly man though. She is beautiful, her father is beautiful. Doesn't she know the standard?

paul lymberopoulos
Paul lymberopoulos
10 November 2019

Dude! Wash your hands before you touch your daughter's face!

C Marq
C Marq
08 November 2019

He had seen her photos previously and didn’t t recognized her! I love OUTLANDER but this is not Logical ...😳

6zx c,ys ssgvycyfg ca
6zx c,ys ssgvycyfg ca
5 star

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sxdt lzmsrnc. zljd
Sxdt lzmsrnc. zljd
5 star

Ridcccieyegdxe tent day CFC Za $$;6.erb he( ax x to now xws Ws grr Sc?: r z As.s zen sass Cdld Slxssm w add to. Samen4 9: w?.w

4 star

Love this show so much! Season 4 was really strong, one star deducted because of the lack of Jamie/Claire in the latter half.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
19 November 2019

Chuck Norris' cellphone number is: 1

06 November 2019

All I could think of was how he’d just finished jiggling his pee pee about two seconds before and now he’s touching her face with his penis fingers. It’s so comforting to know everyone else was saying the exact same thing!

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