Gentleman Jack, Season 1

Set in 1832 Halifax, West Yorkshire, and inspired by a remarkable true story, this drama series follows the charismatic Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) as she attempts to revitalize her inherited home—and marry a wealthy heiress (Sophie Rundle). Told over the course of eight episodes, “Gentleman Jack” examines Lister's relationships with her family, servants, tenants, rivals and, most important, her would-be wife.

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1I was just passing56:50USD 2.99Download
2I just went there to study anatomy57:06USD 2.99Download
3Oh is that what you call it?57:04USD 2.99Download
4Most women are dull and stupid57:22USD 2.99Download
5Let's have another look at your past per56:57USD 2.99Download
6Do ladies do that?57:29USD 2.99Download
7Why've you brought that?57:23USD 2.99Download
8Are you still talking?57:31USD 2.99Download
9Gentleman Jack: Trailer01:51FreeDownload
10Gentleman Jack: Season 1 Invitation to t01:46Download

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The Red Tea Detox
18 July 2019

Alice Austin (1866-1952) and her lifelong "companion" Gertrude Tate (1872-1962) were the American version of Ms Lister. And greatly unheralded.

Rik Remmerswaal
Rik Remmerswaal
17 July 2019

what I have come to like the most about this series is that Anne is a actual fully realised character. it would have been so easy for het to become a checkinglist of all the stereotypes. Luckily she is not just a token character but a person with very distinct behaviour and mannerisims.

5 star

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

armelle lapoussiere
Armelle lapoussiere
15 July 2019

j aime beaucoup cette série

black elm
Black elm
14 July 2019

I think I fall in love


@__jack__The__ よく夏にみるモヤに似てるのだ


@themiidnightman @bandfreak03 @SamGolbach There’s a new YouTuber named jack Webber I only heard of Jake Webber 😂🤷‍♀️


@GuitarJukes: Jack Grealish has posters of Dan Crowley on his bedroom wall at home #BCFC #AVFC

12 July 2019

Suranne Jones making my gay heart skip wayy to much.

Mushroom Galaxy
Mushroom Galaxy
12 July 2019

Surrane is the reason I watched gentleman Jack

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris will find you if you don't like this joke.

Gordon McKenzie
Gordon McKenzie
09 July 2019

Visited Shibden Hall 3 weeks ago. What an amazing place.

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2 Week Diet

In modern parlance, a gentleman (from gentle and man, translating the Old French gentilz hom) is any man of good, courteous conduct. Originally, a gentleman was a man of the lowest rank of the English gentry, standing below an esquire and above a yeoman. By definition, this category included the younger sons of the younger sons of peers and the younger sons of baronets, knights, and esquires in perpetual succession, and thus the term captures the common denominator of gentility (and often armigerousness) shared by both constituents of the English aristocracy: the peerage and the gentry. In this sense, it corresponds to the French gentilhomme ("nobleman"), which in Great Britain, has long meant only the peerage. Maurice Keen points to the category of "gentlemen" in this context as thus constituting "the nearest contemporary English equivalent of the noblesse of France". The notion of "gentlemen" as encapsulating the members of the hereditary ruling class was what the rebels under John Ball in the 14th century meant when they repeated: When Adam delved and Eve span,Who was then the gentleman? John Selden, in Titles of Honour (1614), discussing the title gentleman, likewise speaks of "our English use of it" as "convertible with nobilis" (an ambiguous word, "noble" meaning elevated either by rank or by personal qualities) and describes in connection with it the forms of ennobling in various European countries. These same ideas are discussed by Sir James Lawrence 1827.. BBC iPlayer, Gentleman Jack, LGBT, queer romance, lesbian diarist, anne lister, english diarist, female landowners, female pioneers, 19th century, high society, forbidden love, ann walker, suranne jones, female love, sally wainwright, shibden hall, halifax, yorkshire, period drama,

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