Kung Fu, The Complete Series

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David Carradine stars as a Buddhist monk and hunted man who wanders the American West in the 1870s fighting intolerance and injustice with his mastery of an ancient form of high combat known as Kung Fu.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Pilot 1:14:20Download
2Season 1, Episode 1: King of the Mountai48:33Download
3Season 1, Episode 2: Dark Angel51:02Download
4Season 1, Episode 3: Blood Brother50:31Download
5Season 1, Episode 4: An Eye for an Eye50:33Download
6Season 1, Episode 5: The Tide49:42Download
7Season 1, Episode 6: The Soul Is the War49:17Download
8Season 1, Episode 7: Nine Lives50:29Download
9Season 1, Episode 8: Sun and Cloud Shado50:02Download
10Season 1, Episode 9: Chains50:35Download
11Season 1, Episode 10: Alethea48:56Download
12Season 1, Episode 11: A Praying Mantis K49:31Download
13Season 1, Episode 12: Superstition51:11Download
14Season 1, Episode 13: The Stone49:56Download
15Season 1, Episode 14: The Third Man50:53Download
16Season 1, Episode 15: Ancient Warrior51:03Download
17Season 2, Episode 1: The Well50:36Download
18Season 2, Episode 2: The Assassin49:50Download
19Season 2, Episode 3: The Chalice50:07Download
20Season 2, Episode 4: The Brujo50:04Download
21Season 2, Episode 5: The Squawman50:28Download
22Season 2, Episode 6: The Spirit-Helper49:59Download
23Season 2, Episode 7: The Tong50:55Download
24Season 2, Episode 8: The Soldier50:48Download
25Season 2, Episode 9: The Salamander50:56Download
26Season 2, Episode 10: The Hoots50:53Download
27Season 2, Episode 11: The Elixir50:12Download
28Season 2, Episode 12: The Gunman50:33Download
29Season 2, Episode 13: Empty Pages of a D51:00Download
30Season 2, Episode 14: A Dream Within a D51:02Download
31Season 2, Episode 15: The Way of Violenc51:02Download
32Season 2, Episode 16: In Uncertain Bonda50:58Download
33Season 2, Episode 17: Night of the Owls,50:46Download
34Season 2, Episode 18: Crossties50:24Download
35Season 2, Episode 19: The Passion of Che50:56Download
36Season 2, Episode 20: Arrogant Dragon50:39Download
37Season 2, Episode 21: The Nature of Evil50:57Download
38Season 2, Episode 22: The Cenotaph, Pt. 49:15Download
39Season 2, Episode 23: The Cenotaph, Pt. 51:29Download
40Season 3, Episode 1: Blood of the Dragon53:53Download
41Season 3, Episode 2: Blood of the Dragon48:16Download
42Season 3, Episode 3: A Small Beheading51:23Download
43Season 3, Episode 4: This Valley of Terr51:04Download
44Season 3, Episode 5: The Predators51:04Download
45Season 3, Episode 6: My Brother, My Exec51:05Download
46Season 3, Episode 7: Cry of the Night Be50:30Download
47Season 3, Episode 8: The Devil's Champio50:41Download
48Season 3, Episode 9: The Garments of Rag51:38Download
49Season 3, Episode 10: Besieged: Death On48:54Download
50Season 3, Episode 11: Besieged: Cannon A51:24Download

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Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu
17 January 2020

Silence is a source of great strength.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
17 January 2020

Women throw themselves at Chuck Norris, whether they want to or not.

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