Billions, Season 4

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When everyone is out for revenge, no one is safe. Former enemies Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades, and Wendy Rhoades, the chief counselor to each, have come together to form an uneasy but highly effective alliance aimed at the eradication of all their rivals, including Grigor Andolov, Taylor Mason, Bryan Connerty and Waylon "Jock" Jeffcoat. All the characters find out exactly how high a price they'll have to pay to satisfy their ambition.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game53:27USD 1.99Download
2Arousal Template57:47USD 1.99Download
3Chickentown55:06USD 1.99Download
4Overton Window59:28USD 1.99Download
5A Proper Sendoff58:11USD 1.99Download
6Maximum Recreational Depth59:16USD 1.99Download
7Infinite Game58:47USD 1.99Download
8Fight Night55:43USD 1.99Download
9American Champion57:57USD 1.99Download
10New Year's Day58:49USD 1.99Download
11Lamster59:36USD 1.99Download
12Extreme Sandbox59:32USD 1.99Download
13About Billions Season 402:11FreeDownload
14Script to Screen03:20Download
15Billions References03:44Download

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Ralph Emerson
Ralph Emerson
08 July 2020

Everything in the universe goes by indirection. There are no straight lines.

Danse en France
Danse en France
1 star

Good show, but paying $30 for old seasons is stupid. Make it $10 a season. And add season 5 as a season pass!!! Why you hate us showtime?

Merry Pason 5
Merry Pason 5
1 star

WHORRIBLE WRITING! GET RID OF THE TAYLOR CHARACTER, they went from the best on the show to the WORST, taking the show down with it. This went from a finance show to a gender sermon. I myself am queer, and even I can't take it anymore.

5 star


Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
08 July 2020

As a Catholic altar boy, Chuck Norris once molested a priest.

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  • GenreDrama
  • CountryUSA
  • Episodes15

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