This is Us, Season 4

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“This Is Us” chronicles the Pearson family across the decades and reveals how the tiniest events in our lives impact who we become and can transcend time, distance and even death.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Strangers49:46USD 1.99Download
2The Pool: Party Two42:52USD 1.99Download
3Unhinged43:30USD 1.99Download
4Flip a Coin43:00USD 1.99Download
5Storybook Love42:59USD 1.99Download
6The Club43:03USD 1.99Download
7The Dinner and the Date43:13USD 1.99Download
8Sorry43:04USD 1.99Download
9So Long, Marianne43:01USD 1.99Download
10Light and Shadows42:57USD 1.99Download
11A Hell of a Week: Part One43:03USD 1.99Download
12A Hell of a Week: Part Two43:16USD 1.99Download
13A Hell of a Week: Part Three43:03USD 1.99Download
14The Cabin43:01USD 1.99Download
15Clouds42:35USD 1.99Download
16New York, New York, New York43:02USD 1.99Download
17After the Fire43:04USD 1.99Download
18Strangers: Part Two44:17USD 1.99Download
19A Message from This Is Us02:10FreeDownload

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4 star

B huhhu

1 star

can i get a refund??? if im paying this much, i should at least watch it on time :(

1 star

Honestly a waste of money !! Each week I get spoilers because it takes 2 to 5 days for Apple to release the episodes. This is Us is an amazing show, but Apple is complete crap!

Jacqueline Schiff
Jacqueline Schiff
05 July 2020

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.

Tecumseh Jedidiah
Tecumseh Jedidiah
5 star

Love the show ... but am starting to get really seriously annoyed with iTunes! I bought a season pass and episodes are always available the next day. It’s now the 11 th and it’s still not available and there appears to be no explanation. This is not the first time.

1 star


5 star

This is the only current show that I watch. It’s so relatable.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
05 July 2020

Chuck Norris owns several very successful funeral homes. The reason why is debatable.

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