Succession, Season 2

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Every family has its traditions, but for the Roys, they include lying, backstabbing and all sorts of other chicanery. Beginning where the first season dramatically left off, Season 2 follows the Roys—media tycoon Logan (Brian Cox) and his four grown children—as they struggle to retain control of their empire amidst internal and external threats. As Kendall (Jeremy Strong) deals with fallout from his hostile takeover attempt and guilt from his involvement in a fatal accident, Shiv (Sarah Snook) stands poised to make her way into the upper-echelons of the company, while Roman (Kieran Culkin) reacquaints himself with the business by starting at the bottom, and Connor (Alan Ruck) launches an unlikely bid for president.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Summer Palace59:45USD 2.99Download
2Vaulter58:29USD 2.99Download
3Hunting59:38USD 2.99Download
4Safe Room58:54USD 2.99Download
5Tern Haven 1:00:03USD 2.99Download
6Argestes58:13USD 2.99Download
7Return58:44USD 2.99Download
8Dundee 1:00:03USD 2.99Download
9DC 1:01:11USD 2.99Download
10This Is Not for Tears 1:09:31USD 2.99Download
11Succession: Season 2 Trailer01:54FreeDownload
12Succession: Season 2 Invitation to the S01:55Download
13Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 102:30Download
14Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 201:57Download
15Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 302:26Download
16Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 402:22Download
17Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 501:55Download
18Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 602:32Download
19Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 702:53Download
20Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 802:32Download
21Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 902:02Download
22Succession: Inside Sn 2 / Ep 1002:56Download

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5 star

I love this show. Each character is so well defined and the story is terrific and believable! My only complaint is that the main character and his brother are supposed to be from Scotland but it never, ever comes out in their accent. There should be some words that are pronounced a little differently to make the characters believable. I find that hard to believe. God, and they made the Senior Roys Catholic! Are you kidding me? Hey- writers- Scotland and Ireland are different places. Pay attention! The devil is in the detail. And don’t get me started on Shiv’s untailored, boring clothes... And Shiv? No way, absolutely no way would an upper crust, aristocratic English woman name her child with an Irish traditional name. No way. Little things like that bug me, but other than that, this is one great show! Hurry up Season 3!

Jean Vanier
Jean Vanier
20 January 2020

Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.

5 star

Might be best show in all of TV in 2019

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
20 January 2020

Chuck Norris can rub two fire's together and make wood

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