PAW Patrol, Mighty Pups: Super Paws

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Get super with the Mighty Pups in these 6 all-new adventures—including 2 new pups! The Mighty Pups must join forces with Mighty Twins, Tuck and Ella, to defeat a mischievous super-thief and save Adventure Bay. Plus, see what happens when the meteor falls into the wrong paws!

The Mighty Pups are back in the all new PAW Patrol special event, Mighty Pups: Super Paws! It's kitty claws vs. super paws as the pups face a fur-ocious new ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1When Super Kitties Attack23:23USD 1.99Download
2Pups Meet the Mighty Twins23:23USD 1.99Download
3Pups Save a Giant Chicken / Pups Stop Ha23:24USD 1.99Download
4Pups and the Big Twin Trick / Pups Save 23:24USD 1.99Download

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Ellen Gilchrist
Ellen Gilchrist
26 January 2020

Don't ruin the present with the ruined past.

1 star

?I just paid for it but it is not letting me watch?

d c cmc.
D c cmc.
5 star


Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
26 January 2020

Chuck Norris audits the IRS.

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