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After saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up every loose end. But as he runs out of other people’s problems to solve, he’ll finally have to face his own.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Little Homeschool11:18USD 0.99Download
2Guidance11:18USD 0.99Download
3Rose Buds11:18USD 0.99Download
4Volleyball11:18USD 0.99Download
5Bluebird11:18USD 0.99Download
6A Very Special Episode11:19USD 0.99Download
7Snow Day11:18USD 0.99Download
8Why So Blue?11:18USD 0.99Download
9Little Graduation11:21USD 0.99Download
10Prickly Pair11:21USD 0.99Download
11In Dreams11:18USD 0.99Download
12Bismuth Casual11:18USD 0.99Download
13Together Forever11:19USD 0.99Download
14Growing Pains11:19USD 0.99Download
15Mr. Universe11:18USD 0.99Download
16Fragments11:18USD 0.99Download
17Homeworld Bound11:18USD 0.99Download
18Everything's Fine11:19USD 0.99Download
19I Am My Monster11:18USD 0.99Download
20The Future11:18USD 0.99Download
21Steven Universe Future: Sneak Peek00:54FreeDownload

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i want the episodes
I want the episodes
5 star

Thank you for finally releasing the final episodes

5 star

Thank you for putting the missing 8 episodes you are awesome thx and have a great day. 😎👍

3 star

Finally! Great show, even late in the series! But Apple sure did take their time uploading episodes 13-20 on the Canadian iTunes store even though they had it on the US store. For that reason, only 3 stars instead of 4.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney
13 August 2020

Weve got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true.

avocadogirl 102608
Avocadogirl 102608
5 star

Steven whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you shatter her good show love the ending but where does he drive off to where is he gonna go what job is gonna have

5 star


5 star

I joined the Steven Universe fandom not too long before the movie debuted. Almost all of the main characters are relatable to me and I find the character growth very heartwarming. The episode “I Am My Monster” in the Steven Universe Future finale showed what love truly is, and I appreciate it. Love is patient, love is kind. I am glad this was expressed in purity in the finale. It’s over, isn’t it? ”We love you, Steven.” I am blessed to make an impact on communities of this show’s fans, through social media.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
13 August 2020

How's your life Chuck Norris?

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