Better Call Saul, Season 5

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The trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, in the time leading up to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Magic Man54:21USD 1.99Download
250% Off45:12USD 1.99Download
3The Guy for This54:13USD 1.99Download
4Namaste46:12USD 1.99Download
5Dedicado A Max50:17USD 1.99Download
6Wexler v. Goodman51:22USD 1.99Download
7Jmm47:37USD 1.99Download
8Bagman54:03USD 1.99Download
9Bad Choice Road59:23USD 1.99Download
10Something Unforgivable59:59USD 1.99Download
11Greeting from the Set02:27FreeDownload

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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
02 May 2020

When the solution is simple, God is answering.

5 star

This show is so underrated, it’s almost criminal!

5 star

I always thought Breaking Bad could not be touched but wow wow “Better Call Saul” is coming in hot and it is just as addictive!!!!

5 star

I love this show so much! Ever since this show first aired in 2015 I’ve been hooked!! Also, a huge Breaking Bad fan. Even if you’ve never seen it, Better Call Saul would still leave you with all the drama & anticipation with each episode! Sad the sixth season will be the last but makes sense. Can’t wait to see it to the end!!!!!!!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
02 May 2020

Chuck Norris doesn't type, the buttons get scared and press automaticly.

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Better Call Saul, Season 5 News

  • Don’t miss Better Call Saul’s season finale with our guide - When AMC's Breaking Bad ended back in 2013, fans were upset by the idea that they would never see Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman again. Thankfully though, just two years later the network debuted a new show called Better Call Saul which follows …
  • Old SNL pals Conan and Bob Odenkirk talk Chris Farley, drinking pee, and flipping cars - It’s conceivable that some viewers only know Bob Odenkirk as Bob Odenkirk: Emmy-nominated dramatic actor at this point. After all, Better Call Saul continues to show off Odenkirk’s ability to play one of the most slippery-sympathetic protagonists in TV histor…
  • ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Might Arrive Next Year, Will Wrap Up the Series With 13 Episodes - Better Call Saul just ended its best season yet, and – sadly – there’s only one season left. With everything currently shut down due to the coronavirus, there was some concern that it would be a long time before we had a chance to see season 6. But the folks …
  • ‘Better Call Saul’ Review: “Something Unforgivable” Brings the Show’s Best Season Yet to an Ominous Conclusion - This week on Better Call Saul: Kim and Jimmy have a conversation! Lalo has some folks over to his house! Nacho is in deep trouble! Everything is so tense that I want to scream! Lalo and Nacho What a season this has been. I’ve long maintained that Better Call …

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