Project Blue Book, Season 2

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New threats loom for Project Blue Book, Dr. Allen Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn must delve further down the UFO conspiracy rabbit hole in their quest for the truth. Soon, cover-ups from the past collide with new UFO cases, forcing our duo to not only question the multi-faceted layers to a broadening global conspiracy, but the very nature & origin of UFOs themselves in an unstable world.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Roswell Incident - Part I45:32FreeDownload
2The Roswell Incident - Part II44:12USD 1.99Download
3Area 5142:49USD 1.99Download
4Hopkinsville44:15USD 1.99Download
5The Men in Black44:15USD 1.99Download
6Close Encounters44:07USD 1.99Download
7Project Blue Book S2 Sneak Peek02:05FreeDownload

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Byron Pulsifer
Byron Pulsifer
27 February 2020

To give hope to someone occurs when you teach them how to use the tools to do it for themselves.

1 star

Air Force: "I don't like the way this guy is snooping around and asking questios" Me:"Who are you talking about?" Air Force:"The guy we hired to snoop around and ask questions!" Script feels forced and "clunky"...doesn't flow well. Writing doesn't come close to X-Files, so if your looking for a show of equal caliber...look elsewhere. Characters are poorly developed and their motivations often don't make sense. Example: West Virginian woman sees an alien and reports it. All her neighbors, locals, then come after her with guns? Explained as "fight or flight"....Huh? The show deals in every kind of trope you can imagine and goes out of its way to be "woke" the 50's??? So...the air force hires a OSU astrophysicist to evaluate close encounters, and then gets upset when he sees the events may be real, which they know are real? The whole premise is silly.

Loved Candle
Loved Candle
5 star

Everyone knows about project paper clip, The Germans were so advanced they invented human breading with animals they also invented flying saucers, research The Bell 1943 The Russians got a lot German scientist also and they worked on the same things that’s why there was a Cold War.

nit nat da brat
Nit nat da brat
5 star

Gah I love this show! I’m so happy it came back for a second season. Not only do I enjoy the mysterious ufo stories but I gotta say the guy who plays Cap. Quinn is hot 😍😍😍 If you liked xfiles then you’ll enjoy this show.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
27 February 2020

Chuck Norris doesn't need to eat. He runs on the fear of his enemies.

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