Sanditon, Season 1

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Writer Andrew Davies brings Jane Austen’s unfinished last novel vividly to life. The village of Sanditon is becoming a fashionable spa resort full of intrigues and dalliances. Changing alongside it is the unconventional Charlotte Heywood.

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2Episode 245:59USD 1.99Download
3Episode 345:54USD 1.99Download
4Episode 446:41USD 1.99Download
5Episode 546:43USD 1.99Download
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7Episode 746:37USD 1.99Download
8Episode 846:24USD 1.99Download
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5 star

Absolutely loved Sanditon. Eagerly waiting for season 2!

5 star

What a wonderful addition for Austen fans! A simply beautiful series. Cannot wait for the next season.

5 star

This is a wonderful series and Andrew Davies has done a great work filling the blank pages of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. The cast and the set are perfect and the story keeps you on edge for more after each episode. If you love Jane Austen, you will be captivated by the stories and intrigues that unfold before your eyes, as well as fascinated to see how love finds its way in the little fishing town of Sanditon (Classic Austen). If you love adventure, romance in a enchanting setting, you will anguish to know the end of the story. It is quite interesting to see how much each character has grown since we first set foot in Sanditon with them. Andrew Davies owes us an ending that would honour the memory of Ms Austen. After all this wonderful effort, ending this story as she would have done it, would really confirm his talent as a screenwriter for eternity. After all, the series is casted under “the masterpiece” collection I cannot wait to see what come next!

Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine
27 February 2020

Patience is the companion of wisdom.

5 star

Loved this series 😍. Needs more seasons. At least one. I know it’s unfinished, but I’m sure there r some brilliant writers out there to finish the story. I was hooked immediately, and was very disappointed 😞 not to see another season. How come the heroin didn’t get her happy ending unlike one of the other characters. Not fair 😒. I hope this will b remedied with at least one more season or two hour movie 🤞

5 star

Always been a fan of Jane Austen books and anything to do with her. She knows a women’s mind better than we do Each story makes you feel Like you belong. Loved watching Sanditon. Been longing for something romantic and funny again. Now I want to watch all of Jane Austen’s movies all over again. Beautifully written and beautiful story.

Asking forms
Asking forms
3 star

The show itself was ok but if your looking for a happily ever after don’t watch you will be left disheartened and disappointed. I hope they make a season 2 maybe the romance will come back between the main characters.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
27 February 2020

Chuck Norris can arm wrestle with both hands tied behind his back.

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