The Bachelor, Season 24

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Handsome airline pilot Peter Weber is ready to take off on an international journey filled with romance, high drama and love! He grabbed Hannah B.’s attention with his boyish charm and one storied night in a windmill, but Bachelor Nation was shocked when she ended their relationship. Now, their heartthrob is back to hand out the roses and search for his happily ever after.

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1 star

Why does it take iTunes Canada so long to release episodes? Happens a lot...need to get this’s frustrating when you pay for seasons and the episode is not available for 2-3 days later..principle more than anything..

1 star

ITunes continues to have huge delays in posting the episodes. It’s actually ridiculous. It is so inconsistent in when the episode is available. I can’t comprehend why it isn’t on an automatic timer to come out at midnight s soon as the episodes are done airing. This has continued on for the past seasons (I buy every season) but this is the last season I will ever purchase

1 star

Great show but why do we have to wait for new episodes? It aired last night (Monday) so it should be uploaded. Hard to avoid spoilers, cmon Apple get it together.

Peter Berger
Peter Berger
27 February 2020

The past is malleable and flexible, changing as our recollection interprets and re-explains what has happened.

1 star

Why does it take so long for new episodes to get published? Last season, the episodes were up the next morning. Now we have to wait a day. Subscribers should get a partial refund for Peter’s season because we’re getting the season spoiled or having to go elsewhere to watch while we wait for the episodes to get published!

1 star

I do not like that the episodes take forever to become available. It should be available when it airs on tv now several days or weeks after considering I’m paying for it!

1 star

All I got is a trailer where is the episode and why does it take so long to come available? Come on now.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
27 February 2020

As I said before, Chuck Norris was born in the March of 1940. Well, guess what? I found evidence of 5 semi-famous and famous deaths that occurred the next month. Amazing.

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  • Don’t miss a moment of airline pilot Peter Weber’s search for lasting love - One of reality TV's most guilty pleasures, The Bachelor is back for another weekly dose of emotional turbulence. The Bachelor franchise has kept loved-up viewers entertained for nearly two decades, leaving a trail of tear-filled limo exits while also being re…
  • I watched 'The Bachelor' for the first time in my life, and it felt like both a blood sport and a lesson in dating confidence - US reality television show "The Bachelor" returned for its 24th season last month. This season's bachelor is Peter Weber, a Delta Air Lines pilot and second runner-up on the 15th season of "The Bachelorette." As an Aussie living in London, I had never watched…
  • 'The Bachelor': Hannah Brown Reveals What's Missing From Peter Weber's Season - Showbiz Cheat Sheet - 'The Bachelor': Hannah Brown Reveals What's Missing From Peter Weber's Season Showbiz Cheat Sheet 'The Bachelor' Peter Weber's Hometown Dates: What Could Happen? Access Hannah Ann’s Parents Aren’t So Cool With This Whole Bachelor Thing Refinery29 Bachelor Nat…
  • A Ranking Of Every Episode Of 'The Good Place' - A good forking show is ending, so let's forking celebrate this shirt

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