The Challenge: Total Madness

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The Challenge is a reality competition battle across a series of contests for the chance to win money. Contestants endure brutal challenges, devastating elimination rounds, steamy hookups and bitter rivalries.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Mad World 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
2Sweet Dreams Are Made of Dee 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
3A Hard Jay's Night 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
4Karma Chameleon 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
5break up with your bf, i'm bored 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
6Love Will Tear Us Apart 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
7Should I Stay or Should I Go? 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
8Live and Let Die 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
9Backstabber 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
10The Final Countdown 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
11You Ain't Right39:14USD 1.99Download
12Pictures of You 1:02:29USD 1.99Download
13Victim of Love 1:01:29USD 1.99Download
14Your Time is Gonna Come 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
15Crash Into Me 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
16It's the End of the World As We Know It 1:02:39USD 1.99Download
17Reunion59:32USD 1.99Download
18Behind The Total Madness42:06USD 1.99Download
19The Challenge: Total Madness Isn't for t03:10FreeDownload
20Total Madness Final Words: Asaf02:17Download
21Total Madness Final Words: Jenn02:34Download
22Total Madness Final Words: Ct01:43USD 1.99Download
23Total Madness Final Words: Ashley02:01USD 1.99Download
24Total Madness Final Words: Tori02:14USD 1.99Download
25Total Madness Final Words: Bear01:50USD 1.99Download
26Total Madness Final Words: Jenna01:55USD 1.99Download
27Total Madness Final Words: Kailah02:18USD 1.99Download
28Total Madness Final Words: Wes02:30USD 1.99Download
29Total Madness Final Words: Mattie01:32USD 1.99Download
30Total Madness Final Words: Swaggy C01:52USD 1.99Download
31Total Madness Final Words: Nany01:24USD 1.99Download
32Total Madness Final Words: Aneesa00:50USD 1.99Download
33Total Madness Final Words: Josh00:58USD 1.99Download
34Total Madness Final Words: Nelson01:35Download

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1 star

It’s been so long since the new episode come out and it’s still not available to watch

Ian Ian
Ian Ian
1 star

Paid $$$ and not even getting the full show. Please add episode 4!!

1 star

Where’s episodes 2,4 not right

E.M. Forster
E.M. Forster
12 August 2020

One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life.

5 star


1 star

It is ridiculous that the “final words” episode (which spoils who went home) is post two days before the actual episode. I can’t believe I pay money for this terrible product.

1 star

I’ve been buying these seasons for years, the last two have started turning me off to it since they can’t release episodes until days after they air. Really testing the patience of a diehard who has given lots of money to this show

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
12 August 2020

Chuck Norris swallows sword-swallowers.

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