The Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5 HD Download

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Coming up this season, love is in the air as Gizelle Bryant rekindles a relationship with her ex-husband, pastor Jamal Bryant, but her daughters are struggling to accept their new normal, making things challenging for the couple. Although Karen Huger and Ray are back in Potomac with a beautiful new home, their 23-year "institution" may be in question when Karen discovers that Ray's feelings for her might not be the same as they used to be. Ashley Darby and Michael are in heavenly bliss with their new baby, Dean. But just when their relationship gets back on track, their newfound happiness is threatened by news of Michael's wild night on the town. Robyn Dixon and Juan have been through hell and back, and after living under one roof with their two sons for six years, Robyn is ready to make things official. Now all she needs is for Juan to make his move or will she make hers first? Juggling a house with three kids and a new feathered friend is taking its toll on Monique Samuels.

NoEpisode TitleTimeHD Download
1Old Testaments, New Revelations43:04 Download
2The Rumor Meal43:04 Download
3Sip and See You Later43:04 Download
4Celebrations and Strange Explanations43:04 Download
5Look Who's Squawking43:04 Download
6The Text Heard 'round the Lake House43:04 Download
7Fireball and Firepits43:04 Download
8Serving Up Betrayals43:04 Download
9The Tipping Point43:05 Download
10Sorry... Not Sorry43:04 Download
11Taxing Times and Blurry Lines43:04 Download
12Fully Charged43:04 Download
13No Shows and Show Downs43:04 Download
14Hats Off... Shades On43:04 Download
15Portu-Girl-Bye43:04 Download
16Picking Sides43:04 Download
17Fifty Shades of Betrayal43:04 Download
18Shifty Wigs43:04 Download
19Deck the Halls with Drama54:04 Download
20Reunion, Pt. 143:04 Download
21Reunion, Pt. 243:04 Download
22Reunion, Pt. 3 1:04:35 Download

The Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5 Comments

The Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 5 Reviews

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5 star

These girls deliver. They’re the best housewife franchise right now. This season has been amazing. I can’t wait for season 6!

Home of Scammers
Home of Scammers
5 star

This is my 2nd favorite group. I’m a GRITS so RHOA is still my favorite but, this one is lots of fun to watch. My only complaint is the time it takes to get new episodes on Apple. I pay extra, we should at least get episodes early. It seems like they are only available AFTER it airs on Bravo.

5 star

I enjoy watching the show and the ladies are great, but I do feel very bad for all the hurt the both Monique and Candice are going through. That part breaks my heart. Wendy is superb!

Van B Hipster
Van B Hipster
1 star

It’s been 24 hours since this aired where is the episode? It’s not even on iTunes if I wanted to purchase it individually. Horrible customer service trying to get help.

Not happy camper45
Not happy camper45
1 star

This is second time in a week that a show I purchased has not shown up. What’s going on Apple?

1 star

Where is it? It hasn’t been loaded yet

brvky krotchner
Brvky krotchner
5 star

Best real housewives. In love with rhop

Tori MB
Tori MB
5 star

I am a RH fan, on all levels. I was SHOCKED to see that RHOP had only 4 reviews. Seriously people?! These women are exactly what reality TV needs right now. We especially need to highlight Black voices in the RH community. These ladies work hard, have integrity, tell it how it is and bring the drama that the people love. I am SO impressed by Wendy, she is a great addition this season, such an inspiration and so eloquent! The entire cast is amazing, overall LOVE the franchise but Potomac takes the cake!

Beca Acosta
Beca Acosta
5 star

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  • NameThe Real Housewives of Potomac
  • Relase Date
  • GenreReality & Nonfiction
  • CountryUSA
  • Episodes22

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