MacGyver, Season 5 hd download

MacGyver, Season 5 HD Download

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MACGYVER, a reimagining of the classic series, is an action-adventure drama about 20-something Angus “Mac” MacGyver, who is part of a clandestine organization within the U.S. government, where he uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem-solving and vast scientific knowledge to save lives. Joining his team on high-risk missions around the globe are Riley Davis, an unpredictable computer hacker with a chip on her shoulder; Wilt Bozer, Mac’s roommate and an agent on the team; Matty Weber, a legend in Covert Ops and the director of operations at the Phoenix Foundation; Desi Nguyen, whose job is to protect MacGyver and his team on their global missions; and Russ Taylor, the quick-witted, Oxford-educated, ex-military skilled in propaganda and lie detection, who shakes things up by challenging the way MacGyver and the team are used to doing things. Under the aegis of the Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver takes on the responsibility of saving the world, armed to the teeth with resourcefulness and little more than bubble gum and a paper clip..

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Alohah50teamCalling it a night, i had school today so i couldn’t watch another entire ass season but i’m on season 2 episode 8!… .Score: 5/5

NicolewiththeeThree minutes in episode 6 of season 5 and it is already my favorite 😂😂😂 Bozer state of mind #MacGyver.Score: 5/5

BrettseyDailyYeet_theet — top fav character: 1. Riley Davis 2. Angus Macgyver 3. Jack Dalton — fav ship: #MacRiley — least fav… .Score: 5/5

TTWEndsx3And season 5 ripped it away and erased all of that development. 🤞🏼 we get back on track soon. #macgyver #macriley .Score: 5/5

JelenaVoj meclown4life: All right, here is part 3 of season 5. It's calm at the start but it gets better. I sweated my ass off trying to get the….Score: 5/5

Meclown4lifeAll right, here is part 3 of season 5. It's calm at the start but it gets better. I sweated my ass off trying to ge… .Score: 5/5

SamuelWang2018 SpoilerTV: ICYMI: MacGyver - Season 5 - Ernie Hudson & Wendy Raquel Robinson to Guest as Bozers parents https:….Score: 5/5

KelsiClarkeRogersHelps when will episode 8 of season 5 of MacGyver be on demand? On demands showing episodes 7 and 9 but not… .Score: 5/5

TanyaGayeMartin Alizs08: Season 5 Mac just ♥️ #MacGyver .Score: 5/5

__nikoolina__McGyver 2016 scriptwriter: MacGyver 2016 Mac and Riley for Season 5 - Sign the Petition! putem korisnika/ce Change.Score: 5/5

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MacGyver, Season 5 Episodes

1Resort + Desi + Riley + Window Cleaner + Witness hd download
Resort + Desi + Riley + Window Cleaner + Witness04 December 202043:17 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Mac and the team infiltrate a glamorous hotel used as an international hideout for criminals to find a woman with vital information on Codex. However, their target has a new secret identity, including a completely new face.

2Thief + Painting + Auction + Viro-486 + Justice hd download
Thief + Painting + Auction + Viro-486 + Justice11 December 202040:21 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

When Taylor's former protege is killed while preventing a bio-weapon from falling into the wrong hands, Mac and the team must find the weapon so Desi can pull off the ultimate heist before it's sold to a terrorist cell.

3Eclipse + USMC-1856707 + Step Potential + Chain Lock + Ma hd download
Eclipse + USMC-1856707 + Step Potential + Chain Lock + Ma18 December 202043:33 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

When Russ is kidnapped, Mac and the team must break out a previously murderous psychopath, now pacifist, from prison to help find him. Also, while on the run, Mac and Desi are forced to confront their relationship issues.

4Banh Bao + Sterno + Drill + Burner + Mason hd download
Banh Bao + Sterno + Drill + Burner + Mason08 January 202143:25 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Mac's meeting with Desi's parents goes sideways when her brother finds himself in trouble and desperately needs their help. Also, Russ and Matty must ask an old nemesis for assistance when their new recruitment candidate is kidnapped.

5Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + Gto hd download
Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + Gto15 January 202142:29 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Using a cryptic postcard as their only clue, Mac and the team must solve a fallen friend's final case and bring him justice.

6Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance hd download
Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance22 January 202143:35 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

During COVID-19's first stay-at-home order, as Mac, Bozer and Riley quarantine together, they try to stop a crime in progress at their neighbor's house. Also, Russ' romantic fling takes on a longer and more complicated turn when they quarantine together.

7Golden Lancehead + Venom + Pole Vault + Blood + Baggage hd download
Golden Lancehead + Venom + Pole Vault + Blood + Baggage05 February 202143:14 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

The secret experimental cancer treatment Mac’s developing with a friend is discovered when culprits ransack their lab, kidnap Mac’s partner and plan to use the research to create a powerful new nerve agent.

8SOS + Hazmat + Ultrasound + Frequency + Malihini hd download
SOS + Hazmat + Ultrasound + Frequency + Malihini12 February 202142:14 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Mac and team rush to help when Mattys former mentor, Ian Cain (Robert Patrick), and his embassy staff come down with a deadly, mysterious illness. Also, Taylor and Bozer work with Jerry Ortega (Hawaii Five-0s Jorge Garcia) to infiltrate a Codex cell.

9Rails + Pitons + Pulley + Pipe + Salt hd download
Rails + Pitons + Pulley + Pipe + Salt19 February 202142:23 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

When Mac and the team are unable to prevent Department of Defense intel from falling into Codex�s hands, Mac must scale a vertical cliff using only gear he can cobble together himself to prevent the info�s transmission.

101Russ Taylor: Looking Good While Looking Out for MacGyver hd download
Russ Taylor: Looking Good While Looking Out for MacGyver30 November 2020 0:28 MinutesBonus✔ HD Download

MacGyver always seems to find himself in hairy situations, and with Russ Taylor in the mix there's always some extra intrigue.

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MacGyver, Season 5 Other Seasons
MacGyver, Season 1 hd download
MacGyver, Season 123 September 201622 Episodes

MacGyver, a reimagining of the classic series, is an action-adventure drama about 20-something Angus "Mac" MacGyver, who creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government where he uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem solving and vast scientific knowledge to save lives. Joining his team on high-risk missions around the globe is maverick former CIA agent Jack Dalton and Patricia Thornton, ex-field agent turned director of operations and Riley Davis, an unpredictable computer hacker with a chip on her shoulder. At home, MacGyver is entertained by his ambitious roommate, Wilt Bozer. Under the aegis of the Department of External Services, MacGyver takes on the responsibility of saving the world, armed to the teeth with resourcefulness and little more than bubble gum and a paper clip.

MacGyver, Season 2 hd download
MacGyver, Season 229 September 201724 Episodes

MacGyver (Lucas Till) is back for season two as he attempts to hunt down his nemesis, Murdoc (David Dastmalchian), and relentlessly tries to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance. With the help of Jack (George Eads) and the Phoenix family, MacGyver answers the call when the world needs saving, armed only with his trusty pocketknife and whatever he finds lying around.

MacGyver, Season 3 hd download
MacGyver, Season 328 September 201823 Episodes

The third season of MACGYVER premieres with Mac (Lucas Till) in Nigeria, having quit the Phoenix Foundation and finding a new love. However, when his estranged father, Oversight (Tate Donovan), the head of Phoenix, disrupts his newfound happiness with news that Jack (George Eads) is missing and has gone rogue, Mac reunites with his team to bring his friend home. Also, when Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) resurfaces and kills a beloved member of the Phoenix team, Mac, Matty (Meredith Eaton), his father and the Phoenix crew are determined to find Murdoc and bring him to justice once and for all.

MacGyver, Season 4 hd download
MacGyver, Season 407 February 202014 Episodes

The fourth season of MACGYVER premieres 18 months after the Phoenix Foundation was disbanded and our heroes were stripped of their high-level clearances. MacGyver (Lucas Till), Riley (Tristin Mays), Desi (Levy Tran), and Bozer (Justin Hires) have all turned in their secret agent badges for run of the mill day jobs. However, when Russ Taylor (Henry Ian Cusick), an eccentric billionaire with a shady past, comes to them for help stopping an imminent attack, they turn to Matty (Meredith Eaton) for assistance, hoping that she will join them and realize they must get back in the game without the resources of Phoenix. This launches Mac and team on the trail of a centuries-old apocalyptic conspiracy determined to save humanity from itself.

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