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As the ninth installment of the Real Housewives franchise, "The Real Housewives of Dallas" delves into the lives of sophisticated southern socialites as they climb their way to the top of the city's most exclusive circle.

NoEpisode TitleTimeHD Download
1Bursting the Quarantine Bubble43:04 Download
2You Dim Sum, You Lose Some43:04 Download
3Kary'd Away43:04 Download
4Whine Connoisseurs43:03 Download

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1 star

As a proud black American it's sickening to watch a show force propaganda divide and conquer baloney. They are attempting to smear the white man as bad or shall I say white person. I'm tired of watching garbage that is instigating race wars. What happened to the beginning where it was about fabulous cars, vacations, homes, make up just overall happy banter? Bravo has turned into a Shi^ show.

1 star

Idk what happened to bravo this year but you cant get thru one show without massive amounts of radical propaganda. it is honestly painful and gross. im starting to be over these shows

1 star

Just the worst.

3 star

Personally, I'm waiting for the show called "Real Housewives of Section 8 Housing".

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TV Data

  • NameThe Real Housewives of Dallas
  • Relase Date
  • GenreReality & Nonfiction
  • CountryUSA
  • Episodes4

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