The Equalizer, Season 1 hd download

The Equalizer, Season 1 HD Download

3 star

THE EQUALIZER is a reimagining of the classic series starring Academy Award® nominee and multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah (“Chicago,” “Bessie”) as Robyn McCall, an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background who uses her extensive skills as a former CIA operative to help those with nowhere else to turn. McCall presents to most as an average single mom who is quietly raising her teenage daughter. But to a trusted few, she is The Equalizer – an anonymous guardian angel and defender of the downtrodden, who’s also dogged in her pursuit of personal redemption. Robyn’s clandestine work remains a secret from her smart and observant daughter, Delilah, and her aunt Vi, who lives with Robyn to help her balance life as a working mother. Joining Robyn as champions of justice are William Bishop, her former CIA handler and longtime friend; Melody “Mel” Bayani, an edgy bar owner and a colleague from Robyn’s past; and Harry Keshegian, a paranoid and brilliant white-hat hacker. As Robyn aids the oppressed and exploited, her work garners the attention of shrewd NYPD Detective Marcus Dante, who doggedly seeks to uncover the identity of the vigilante known as The Equalizer..

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EqualizerLol come on really stick to comedies you way to funny but 2 thumbs down 👎 👎the show is nothing special.Score: 1/5

Great Show.I love Queen in this.Score: 5/5

This show is blahNot worth the hype. Queen L ain’t all that. Cheesy acting - nowhere plot. No thanks. Queen L - stick to making bad music. Have a nice day..Score: 1/5

Late uploading E6Late uploading E6!!.Score: 3/5

The bestQueen Latifah mannnn her best yet I am one of her biggest fan since she came out but I love her acting in this new series the Equalizer boy it was well made taking nothing away from Denzel Washington but that’s my girl right there. Queen keep up your best you are an amazing role model thank you for all of the great music and acting movies you have put out there foe every young woman in every race thank you I appreciate you may the Lord continue to bless you in every area of your life including health blessings — see ya every Sunday girl do it!!!!.Score: 5/5

More unimaginative garbageSuper unoriginal, it seems Hollywood can’t come up with new ideas anymore..Score: 1/5

Going to Be GreatRegardless of those who are diehard Denzel fanatics, this is much, much better than those movies combined. This has a real feel that is beyond the Denzel bloods and guts take on equalization. The bottom line, the first episode was excellent, and in my humble opinion, this series has great potential. So, with that said, I patiently await the upcoming episode. Great job..Score: 5/5

NopePathetic terrible cheap excuse of an attempt at a redo. Reimagining is right - and the imagination here is a flop. What a joke. Do not waste your money..Score: 1/5

A woman who wears sneakersI like this show. For once there is an actress who walks the streets helping victims kicking bad persons behinds and isn’t in five in heels. Liza Lapira and Adam Goldberg are well written. It’s it a cliffhanger? Are you on the edge of your seat wondering who or how? No but you are propelled through the story with grace and it’s a welcome change..Score: 5/5

Bring back Mr. WashingtonThis is not the Equalizer. Call it something else. The star is not very good at action. The relationships are weird and don't make sense. She is very overpowered. I'm surprised that there is no Kryptonite used on her. Don't waste your time..Score: 1/5

Great Episode 1!Queen Latifah is DYNAMIC, and truly a force to be reckoned with in this role..Score: 5/5

Sure it sounded good on paperWatch the free episode and judge for yourself..Score: 1/5

I wanted to like it.Some how it just doesn’t work..Score: 1/5

Amazing!Queen Latifah is on fire and! I love how diverse she is and such an amazing woman! God I love this show! I cannot wait to see more! 😍😍😍.Score: 5/5

GarbagePass!.Score: 1/5

Just noSorry, love my girl La, and i don’t mind seeing women in lead roles at all, but this ish us got to stop. Over the top. No woman is going to constantly kick every man’s butt she runs into. It’s NOT realistic, and as usual, nowadays there is no creativity or originality AT ALL.Score: 1/5

The Queen is backFirst episode was amazing, was excited for this show and I wasn’t disappointed ..Score: 5/5

Your JokingIf you like watching Queen trying to kick in a door while barely being able to lift her leg, this is for you. It’s an utter waste of brain cells.Score: 1/5

I loved itOk, showing my age but I remember the original series. For the time it was good. I really liked this remake. It was true to the original idea. I really liked the action. High hopes the quality of first episode will continue..Score: 5/5

One Episode, and I buy the SeasonGreat casting, intersting story - thank you CBS. I'm so glad we have some good TV available again. Highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

Great showI enjoy watching this show. Typical drama, and I love queen latifah..Score: 5/5

🤮Straight trash never should have been made.Score: 1/5

Really? This show is a joke.When the series is $9.99 halfway thru season 1, you know it’s bad..Score: 1/5

Really?Hahahahaha.Score: 1/5

Cool sometimesKinda funny but cool sometimes.Score: 3/5

Awesome!Give it a rest with the negative crap! Quit being hurt because the main character is a female. #GetOverIt. Queen is awesome in this show! Can’t wait for the rest of the season. ;-). Acting is amazing and I actually look forward to the next episode..Score: 5/5

Love it!What i look forward to on sundays.Score: 5/5

The QueenThis show is very different in a good way. Queen Latifah is another woman Ho continues to break ceilings. Initially I thought I would have problems seeing her in an action role but I must say SHE PULLED IT OFF WELL!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait for episode two..Score: 5/5

Great ShowThis show is excellent! It is as good as the original and Queen Latifah is excellent as the Equalizer. Uplifting in the triumph of good over evil!.Score: 5/5

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Equalizer_1Jasensational Diamond Players can be high elo master players that just hvnt reached the rank this season yet ¡¡ ...just my 2 cents..Score: 5/5

Abdulla37524376 HydFCOfficial: 🥅⚽ Fans' Goal of the Season - Quarterfinal ⚽🥅 🤔 Danu ➡️ Sandaza ➡️ Aridane. Our No. 9's late equalizer against SC East….Score: 5/5

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Albertoalba_— the equalizer (season 1) ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✩ (9/10) .Score: 5/5

Jrodin915FINAL: eplocomotivefc-SwitchbacksFC tie 1-1. The equalizer for Colorado came in the 72min. from the PK spot. The… .Score: 5/5

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Alexhowlcastle TheEqualizerCBS: Just when you thought she’d let up. Season 2 of #TheEqualizer is coming. In the meantime, binge season 1 for free on t….Score: 5/5

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The Equalizer, Season 1 Episodes

1The Equalizer hd download
The Equalizer08 February 202143:46 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Academy Award nominee and multi-hyphenate Queen Latifah stars as Robyn McCall, an enigmatic former CIA operative who uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn. As McCall acclimates to civilian life, she is compelled to use her considerable resources to help Jewel (Lorna Courtney), a teenager accused of murder and on the run from the criminals who framed her for the crime.

2Glory hd download
Glory14 February 202143:25 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

McCall�s online ad leads her to a mother whose son has been kidnapped by a human trafficker (Thomas Beaudoin) and will be executed unless she steals confidential information from her FBI agent employer. Also, McCall enlists Aunt Vi to help uncover a secret Delilah is keeping from them both.

3Judgement Day hd download
Judgement Day21 February 202143:35 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

McCall endeavors to help an escaped prisoner wrongly accused of murder who is too distrustful of the justice system that failed him to accept her aid. Also, McCall worries when her daughter, Delilah, stops hanging out with a close friend, and Detective Dante's search for McCall takes an unexpected turn.

4It Takes a Village hd download
It Takes a Village28 February 202142:37 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

McCall investigates a community activist's staged suicide and uncovers a connection between his murder and his protests over local real estate development. Also, Delilah's driving lessons lead McCall and Aunt Vi to teach her an even bigger lesson regarding personal accountability.

5The Milk Run hd download
The Milk Run28 March 202143:21 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Doing a favor for CIA Director Suri Nance (Laila Robins) goes awry for McCall when she tries to locate a missing British mathematician and finds herself embroiled in an international fight for a revolutionary financial technology.

6The Room Where It Happens hd download
The Room Where It Happens04 April 202143:45 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

Mel goes undercover as a volunteer for a rising politician when McCall tries to help a despondent college student being threatened by someone inside the candidate's campaign. Also, McCall worries when Delilah starts hanging out with a young girl who served time in juvenile detention and reminds McCall of her own troubled youth.

7Hunting Grounds hd download
Hunting Grounds02 May 202143:30 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

McCall races to find a woman kidnapped by a serial killer whose past crimes went undetected because the victims were from marginalized communities. Also, trouble arises for McCall when her vigilante activity puts her on Manhattan District Attorney Avery Grafton's (Jennifer Ferrin) radar.

8Lifeline hd download
Lifeline09 May 202143:37 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

An overseas call for help from the daughter of McCall's deceased CIA mentor forces McCall, Mel and Harry to work remotely to aid the conflict journalist as she's pursued by a hit squad in France. Also, Aunt Vi becomes suspicious when McCall skips out on another family night for work.

9True Believer hd download
True Believer16 May 202143:28 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

McCall races to help a concerned wife locate her husband before he helps an extremist group carry out an imminent bombing in the city. Also, McCall worries that her anonymity will be compromised when Delilah asks her to participate in a mother/daughter social media video.

10Reckoning hd download
Reckoning23 May 202143:46 Minutes$2.99✔ HD Download

McCall's personal and professional lives collide when Delilah and her friends are threatened by a European crime syndicate for being eyewitnesses to the outfit's execution of a drug cartel boss.

101The Equalizer - Official Trailer hd download
The Equalizer - Official Trailer01 February 2021 1:02 MinutesBonus✔ HD Download

Queen Latifah's new drama is set to premiere at a date and time with no equal - immediately following the Super Bowl! In the reimagining of the classic series, Latifah stars as Robyn McCall, an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background who uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.

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