Xena: Warrior Princess, Season 1

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From critically acclaimed filmmakers Sam Raimi and Rob Taper, Xena: Warrior Princess is set in the "golden age" of myth. The whims of capricious gods and the greed of human tyrants make her world a treacherous one. Pursued by the evil warlord Draco, Xena travels from town to town and battle to battle as she invariably finds herself caught between the innocent and the forces of darkness. Along the way she meets a high-spirited young woman named Gabrielle, whose fiery tongue and quick wit make her a worthy cohort, and together they travel and work to create a land that is free from tyranny and injustice. The statuesque and leather-clad Xena was first introduced in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Sins of the Past44:34USD 0.99Download
2Chariots of War44:23USD 0.99Download
3Dreamworker44:29USD 0.99Download
4Cradle of Hope44:29USD 0.99Download
5The Path Not Taken44:21USD 0.99Download
6The Reckoning44:30USD 0.99Download
7The Titans44:12USD 0.99Download
8Prometheus44:29USD 0.99Download
9Death In Chains44:29USD 0.99Download
10Hooves and Harlots44:31USD 0.99Download
11The Black Wolf44:29USD 0.99Download
12Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts44:31USD 0.99Download
13Athens City Academy of the Performing Ba44:07USD 0.99Download
14A Fistful of Dinars44:30USD 0.99Download
15Warrior... Princess44:22USD 0.99Download
16Mortal Beloved44:29USD 0.99Download
17The Royal Couple of Thieves44:16USD 0.99Download
18The Prodigal44:28USD 0.99Download
19Altared States43:15USD 0.99Download
20Ties That Bind44:19USD 0.99Download
21The Greater Good44:18USD 0.99Download
22Callisto44:17USD 0.99Download
23Death Mask43:59USD 0.99Download
24Is There a Doctor In the House?43:20USD 0.99Download

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Carl Jung
Carl Jung
21 August 2019

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
21 August 2019

Chuck Norris died twenty years ago, But death is too afraid to tell him.

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