Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

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Join Johnny Sokko and his giant flying robot as they battle evil monsters and Gargoyle henchmen. An adventure ensues every episode as Johnny's computerized robot helps the Unicorns defend the world against the maniacal monstrosities created by the Gargoyles.

Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot on DVD: "Robot, attack! Robot, destroy!" Johnny Sokko And His Flying ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Dracalon, the Great Sea Monster25:18USD 1.99Download
2Nucleon, the Magic Globe25:23USD 1.99Download
3Gargoyle Vine, a Space Plant25:23USD 1.99Download
4Tyrox, a Strange Monster25:22USD 1.99Download
5Destroy the Dam25:21USD 1.99Download
6Transformed Humans25:23USD 1.99Download
7Dragon, the Ninja Monster24:59USD 1.99Download
8The Gigantic Claw25:00USD 1.99Download
9Our Enemy, Scalion25:01USD 1.99Download
10Challenge of the Two Headed Monster25:00USD 1.99Download
11Tentaclon, an Electric Monster25:00USD 1.99Download
12Amberon, the Synthetic Monster25:01USD 1.99Download
13The Terrifying Sand Creature25:00USD 1.99Download
14Beware the Radiant Globe25:00USD 1.99Download
15Opticon Must Be Destroyed25:00USD 1.99Download
16The Monstrous Flying Jawbone25:00USD 1.99Download
17Igganog, the Iceberg Monster25:00USD 1.99Download
18X-7, a Mysterious Enemy Agent25:00USD 1.99Download
19The Terrifying Space Mummy25:00USD 1.99Download
20Clash of the Giant Robot25:00USD 1.99Download
21Torozon, an Enemy Robot24:59USD 1.99Download
22Metron, the Mysterious Space Man25:00USD 1.99Download
23Hydrazona, a Terrifying Bacteria24:59USD 1.99Download
24Dr. Eingali, Master of Evil25:01USD 1.99Download
25Drakulon, Creature of Doom25:00USD 1.99Download
26The Last of Emperor Guillotine25:00USD 1.99Download

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Don Morton
Don Morton
30 November 2019

Would love an updated live action show using the classic elements.

Luis Flores
Luis Flores
30 November 2019

Trump is giant robot 2020 dems are gargoyle gang

3 star

As a child I remember one Saturday watching a show about a robot that has sphinx-like look to it. Only saw it once or twice but wondered in the resesses of my mind what show it was. At age 39, mystery solved on itunes. If anyone knows about an episode with a dangerous red liquid(?), post it, that is all I recall. cheers

4 star

This show takes me back to the Saturday mornings of my childhood. There are some episodes here that stuck in my memory for 4 decades. Take The Terrifying Space Mummy where the bad guys poison the water supply and kids turn into mummies. Scary stuff for a little boy to watch but alot of fun. It doesn't get much cooler than a TV show with secret agents, rocket packs and giant monsters. Shows like this ecouraged me to spend many weekend afternoons watching back-to-back movies at the local cinema.

08 December 2019

Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.

D Gunny
D Gunny
29 November 2019

I watched this in the 1970s, in syndication, on WFLD TV, Chicago Illinois!! We were all obsessed! Space Giants, Ultra man, Spectre man, all that shit!

John Doe
John Doe
24 November 2019

I'm 54. In the 70s I cried like a baby.
23 November 2019

Anyone know where I can buy or rent the original "Giant Robot" movie with Johnny Saco ?

12 November 2019

I'm 55 year's old when I was little I couldn't wait to get home from school to watch this 😁😍

Jayhawks Rule!
Jayhawks Rule!
5 star

This is a tribute to my personal beginning! I will never forget coming home from either kindergarten or 1st grade and watching Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot. I was in heaven! The Japanese brought so much joy to my childhood in the form of this and Ultraman and Speed Racer! I loved them then, and I still do as a 52 year-old man! Thanks, iTunes.

superstition rose
Superstition rose
5 star

I loved this as a kid. Occasionally it would get shown as a compilation of several episodes as a weekend movie titled, Voyage into Space". I would be glued to our 13 inch black & white TV, complete with antennas, UHF, and VHF dials. I still love this. It is the best of the early Japanese sci-fi. iTunes freaking rocks!

Matt in Seguin
Matt in Seguin
5 star

Big on memories , high on cheese ... Thanks for the memories and the chance to share with my 5 children ..

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
08 December 2019

The rock band Stone Temple Pilots got their name after they witnessed Chuck Norris cruising around in an Aztec shrine on the streets of L.A.

Santosh Bidikar
Santosh Bidikar
10 November 2019

This series got beamed on Indian Television in the late 80's, it was a super hit on Doordarshan Metro, had to grab and position the antenna to get a good signal. One of my favorites alongside Fireball XL5!

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