Forever Knight, Season 1

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After centuries of sinful bloodshed, Nicholas Knight has forsaken immortality and is determined to reclaim his humanity. He now spends his nights as a homicide detective with his smug partner, Donald Schanke, fighting the city's most brutal crimes. Joining in Nicholas' quest is Dr. Natalie Lambert, a brilliant forensic scientist, who is inching closer to the cure for his supernatural condition. The master vampire Lucien LaCroix, however, will stop at nothing to ensure that Nicholas remains a vampire. In his darkest moments, Nicholas turns to the lovely vampire Janette, who offers him unconditional loyalty despite her prominent standing in the vampire underworld. As the stakes get higher and his path to redemption becomes burdened with temptations, Nicholas valiantly sets out to conquer his curse night after night.

Forever Knight is a Canadian television series about Nick Knight, an 800-year old vampire working as a police detective in modern day Toronto. Wracked with ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Dark Knight, Pt. 140:57USD 0.99Download
2Dark Knight, Pt. 247:45USD 0.99Download
3For I Have Sinned47:35USD 0.99Download
4Last Act47:40USD 0.99Download
5Dance By the Light of the Moon47:40USD 0.99Download
6Dying to Know You47:50USD 0.99Download
7False Witness47:48USD 0.99Download
8Cherry Blossoms47:39USD 0.99Download
9I Will Replay47:43USD 0.99Download
10Dead Air47:38USD 0.99Download
11Dead Issue47:54USD 0.99Download
12Hunters47:41USD 0.99Download
13Father Figure47:40USD 0.99Download
14Dying for Fame47:41USD 0.99Download
15Spin Doctor47:46USD 0.99Download
16Only the Lonely47:42USD 0.99Download
17Unreality TV47:42USD 0.99Download
18Feeding the Beast47:34USD 0.99Download
19196647:45USD 0.99Download
20If Looks Could Kill47:44USD 0.99Download
21Fatal Mistake47:40USD 0.99Download
22Love You to Death47:40USD 0.99Download

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Christopher Cory
Christopher Cory
07 June 2019

Love this Into is awesome. Rock star Rick Springfield star in movie version before this hit series. And the guy who did music for this show also did music for friday the 13th the series plus Did movies of friday the 13th:the new blood and Jason take Manhattan.

Hunks Appreciated
Hunks Appreciated
06 May 2019

Looks like Angel kinda ripped it off.

Charles  Perkhurst
Charles Perkhurst
13 December 2019

The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of.

Johnny Brahvo
Johnny Brahvo
03 March 2019

1 of my moms jams back in the day.. Crackle Crackle

05 September 2018

Awesome show, and a must watch for lovers of the vampire genre.

Nick Kastsaridis
Nick Kastsaridis
13 June 2016

all of the series so it was great the last one though the last bit of it they said there was going to bring the doctor over something that I never got a chance because unfortunately we had to ship out anyway to make a long story short whatever happened it said that they actually bring the doctor over did she die. Die don't give me a heads up by the way if anyone knows alright bye

27 February 2015

My sister loved this series. (As it turns out, teen girls have _always_ been fixated on vampires.) One of her biggest uses of the mid-90s internet was finding fan-fiction for this and Highlander (including crossovers).

5 star

I watched this show when it came out, and after watching it again many, many years later, it's just as good as it was back then. Yes, special effects are better now but the character development was superb as was the acting. Glad this show was brought back.

5 star

This is by far one of the best vampire shows ever and my favorite. I highly recommend this show!

5 star

It is so good to see this available. All of the first season is terrific.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
13 December 2019

Chuck Norris once stayed at the Hotel California and was allowed to check out...and leave.

07 October 2013

i don´t want to be "that guy" but honestly my mom told me about this series so i wanna check it out, but went the music start i tought it was going to sound the intro for "Angel". by the way 80¨s really end later in Canada than in the rest of the world, that´s funny.

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Forever or 4ever may refer to:.

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