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Skyrunners is Disney XD’s first original movie! This sci-fi adventure follows teenage brothers Tyler (Joey Pollari) and Nick Burns (Kelly Blatz of Disney XD's Aaron Stone) who commandeer a small UFO that crashes near their town. When the brothers learn of an ominous alien plot to take over the earth, worlds will collide as the brothers must save one another . . . and the earth!

What would you do if you found a crashed UFO? Kelly Blatz stars in Skyrunners, an original Disney movie.

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24 August 2012

Is Joey Pollari the same guy who played the younger looking person? Because... i don't even know, are they same person?

26 January 2012


Rabbi Hillel
Rabbi Hillel
26 August 2019

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?

Bel Davids
Bel Davids
16 December 2011

@toa61 kelly blatz :)

Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell
17 October 2011

@rockband3master Its on T.v right now ;)

Comingup Daisies
Comingup Daisies
20 September 2011

@missmelsivilay I was an extra for this movie over on the north shore lol

Melanie Svl
Melanie Svl
31 July 2011

hahahaha this was filmed at my school ;o

Chandrea Willard
Chandrea Willard
4 star

I wanted to see this movie because of Kelly Blatz (of Aaron Sone,which by the way i am so upset the show is now over :'( .) and because of Joey Pollari (I saw him in Avalon High and loved him) and im glad i did because this is a pretty good made for tv movie, it has some adventure, action, sci-fi, and a hint of romance...what more good anyone ask for.

4 star

I love this movie!!! one thing I don't get is why this page says it's a tv show not a movie?

i pod tow
I pod tow
5 star

I don't know if skyruners is a show or movie

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
26 August 2019

No matter how religious you are, you won't be allowed into heaven if the last thing you said before your brutal death was 'I'm not afraid of Chuck Norris'.

24 March 2011

@deliciator855 Same... I am also wonder the same question.. Maybe he has a twin or some thing.. Or a look alike...

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Skyrunners is an American-Canadian science fiction action thriller film that premiered on Disney XD on November 27, 2009. It was the first original film that premiered on the network. . skyrunners, movie, trailer, disney, xd, ufo, comicon, comic-on, comic, on, crash, clip, kelly, blatz, sky, runners, video, official, exclusive, conspiracy, theory, government,

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  • Relase Date
  • GenreSci-Fi & Fantasy
  • CountryUSA
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