Tower Prep, Season 1

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Ian, CJ, Gabe and Suki form a united front to uncover the mysteries of Tower Prep. Just as Ian starts to see the benefits of The Program, he becomes a prime suspect in a string of campus thefts. Suki stumbles across clues about the creation of the school’s computer, Whisper. And Gabe runs for class Vice-President, but starts an epidemic that is affecting everyone’s unique abilities. Tower Prep gets more mysterious by the minute – try to keep up!

Cartoon Network - Tower Prep - Coming in October Getting in is the easy part. They'll have to work together if they want to get out. Don't miss Tower Prep, ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1New Kid42:36USD 0.99Download
2Monitored45:17USD 0.99Download
3Whisper46:04USD 0.99Download
4Buffer45:13USD 0.99Download
5The Rooks45:16USD 0.99Download
6Book Report45:17USD 0.99Download
7Elections45:05USD 0.99Download
8Field Trip45:05USD 0.99Download
9Dreams45:07USD 0.99Download
10Phone Home45:03USD 0.99Download
11Trust45:06USD 0.99Download
12Snitch45:08USD 0.99Download
13Fathers45:04USD 0.99Download
14Sneak Peek23:44FreeDownload

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abdulla shams
Abdulla shams
31 July 2013

I want s2

20 June 2013

Oh Cartoon Network, you made the biggest mistake ever.

Rene Descartes
Rene Descartes
08 December 2019

The greatest minds are capable of the greatest vices as well as of the greatest virtues.

Prozak Jouska
Prozak Jouska
31 January 2013

I miss this show so much

Marisol Garcia
Marisol Garcia
05 December 2012

y did they get rid of the show seriously it was awesome and they left us hanging

01 November 2012

Man I should call it THE PRISONER Junior

09 October 2012

um theres no such thing as a REAL cartoon, cartoons are fictional

5 star

its so mysterious and thats one of the things that keeps me interested. it’s like once one of our questions are answered, a list of questions follow and now i have soo many questions that wont be answered .

5 star

Wish is was on Hulu or Netflix god I miss it

power rangers fan
Power rangers fan
5 star

Please Get Tower Prep Season 2 As Soon Possibly Season 1 Of Tower Prep Was Awesome

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
08 December 2019

Every fact you suggest here in this website, it becomes true to Chuck Norris.

03 August 2012

Only watched bc Foxy Shazam's "Unstoppable" is the theme

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