Dallas (Classic Series), Season 1 & 2

Power. Wealth. Sex. Extravagance. One place has them all… Dallas! Foreshadowing the “greed” decade of the 1980s, Dallas also changed the TV landscape, inspiring a string of sprawling multi-storyline dramas. In the show’s first and second season episodes, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal and more play the Texas sons and daughters whose lives are soaked with oil, family and power. Larry Hagman embodies the infamous oil magnate J.R. Ewing, whose pursuit of wealth, influence and infamy would know no bounds. The man everyone loved to hate, during the series’ run – he still remains the model for corporate intrigue and Texas-sized conniving!

This Clip (C)1978-1991 Lorimar Television/Warner Bros. Television/CBS, Inc. Source 80stvthemes.com.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Digger's Daughter48:38USD 1.99Download
2Lessons48:29USD 1.99Download
3Spy in the House48:32USD 1.99Download
4Winds of Vengeance48:33USD 1.99Download
5Barbecue48:32USD 1.99Download
6Reunion, Pt. 148:16USD 1.99Download
7Reunion, Pt. 248:23USD 1.99Download
8Old Acquaintance48:11USD 1.99Download
9Bypass48:17USD 1.99Download
10Black Market Baby48:12USD 1.99Download
11Double Wedding47:14USD 1.99Download
12Runaway48:19USD 1.99Download
13Election46:51USD 1.99Download
14Survival48:19USD 1.99Download
15Act of Love48:12USD 1.99Download
16Triangle48:13USD 1.99Download
17Fallen Idol48:14USD 1.99Download
18Kidnapped48:17USD 1.99Download
19Home Again48:15USD 1.99Download
20For Love or Money48:11USD 1.99Download
21Julie's Return48:16USD 1.99Download
22The Red File, Pt. 148:44USD 1.99Download
23The Red File, Pt. 248:42USD 1.99Download
24Sue Ellen's Sister48:43USD 1.99Download
25Call Girl48:46USD 1.99Download
26Royal Marriage48:42USD 1.99Download
27The Outsiders48:46USD 1.99Download
28John Ewing III, Pt. 148:44USD 1.99Download
29John Ewing III, Pt. 248:17USD 1.99Download

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The Red Tea Detox
Still Phantom
Still Phantom
11 July 2017

Dallas 0:27 0:28

5 star

Come on, nearly £26 for these Dallas early seasons? Please.....as if! I would purchase if they were cheaper. Just like most music on here that's overpriced too.

5 star

Dallas is great but £25 is far too expensive, especially when you can get the entire 14-season boxset (including the reunion movies) for £100 delivered, from a certain well known online retailer!

Elarairah Hareshide
Elarairah Hareshide
5 star

This is one series I would buy for sure only if it were cheaper. This is really a fun show although very outdated these days, lots of twists and turns in the plot... "Who killed JR?" As corny is it sounds, those of us who loved the show back then had lots of fun guessing about that one. Sadly "rip-off iTunes" strikes again!

Dominique Pastol
Dominique Pastol
20 May 2017

dallas fiml

Alice Walker
Alice Walker
5 star

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.

Carlos Rogers
Carlos Rogers
19 November 2016

For real though who really shot J.R.

21 June 2014

Much to my surprise, I enjoy the new interpretation of the old show.  They've managed to bring the story line into the Twenty First Century while dutifully paying homage to the old show and the old characters.  Kudos for recasting Duffy, Gray, Kercheval and the late, great Larry Hagman in their original roles — a real classy move that proves the producers care about continuity.  Last season's appearance of Charlene Tilton and Steve Kanaly was a nice touch, too.  Can we soon expect a nod from Victoria Principal?  I hope so.

Johnny Hero
Johnny Hero
26 April 2014

JR would have Gordon Gecko for breakfast, and ask for seconds when he was done.

damayante damayante
Damayante damayante
31 January 2014

my fav show

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

If you ever see Chuck Norris' O face, you will turn to stone

Syphon Filter
Syphon Filter
31 January 2014

+boat6float I have to go with JR.  Gordon's awesome but he gets slightly overconfident.  JR on the other hand, never lets himself get too cocky.  At least from what I can tell.  However, I don't know how they'd fight.  Gordon's a Wall Street broker and JR an oil baron.   Chances are they wouldn't fight though.  JR would string up some deal and Gordon would handle the money for him.  They'd be in cahoots.  They'd make a killin then play golf and shoot skeets while Bobby looks for a way to undo it all with the aid of Martian Warlock Charlie Sheen. 

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