Band of Brothers and The Pacific

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Witness the horror and courage of World War II from both the Pacific and European fronts with this special collection featuring both of HBO's Emmy(R)-winning 10-part miniseries' Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Enjoy both of these stellar shows in their entirety plus bonus content and more, available for download now.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Band of Brothers, Pt. 1: Currahee 1:13:12Download
2Band of Brothers, Pt. 2: Day of Days51:58Download
3Band of Brothers, Pt. 3: Carentan 1:05:18Download
4Band of Brothers, Pt. 4: Replacements59:41Download
5Band of Brothers, Pt. 5: Crossroads55:38Download
6Band of Brothers, Pt. 6: Bastogne 1:07:10Download
7Band of Brothers, Pt. 7: The Breaking Po 1:12:47Download
8Band of Brothers, Pt. 8:The Patrol58:56Download
9Band of Brothers, Pt. 9: Why We Fight58:08Download
10Band of Brothers, Pt. 10: Points 1:02:11Download
11Band of Brothers, We Stand Alone Togethe 1:17:32Download
12The Pacific, Pt. 152:03Download
13The Pacific, Pt. 250:17Download
14The Pacific, Pt. 356:17Download
15The Pacific, Pt. 451:06Download
16The Pacific, Pt. 549:07Download
17The Pacific, Pt. 649:40Download
18The Pacific, Pt. 750:33Download
19The Pacific, Pt. 856:13Download
20The Pacific, Pt. 957:45Download
21The Pacific, Pt. 10 1:01:01Download
22The Pacific: Marines of the Pacific47:58Download
23Making The Pacific20:08Download
24The Pacific: Anatomy of the Pacific War09:58Download

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Hamish heedbanger
Hamish heedbanger
5 star

Fantastic series. However, I thought the idea of buying in a bundle was to save on price? This bundle is actually more expensive than purchasing them individually. Most other bundles are quite a bit cheaper than buying the individual films/series. What's the story iTunes?

Retro Pietro
Retro Pietro
5 star

I'll buy it at £30, maybe I'm just tight?

5 star

One advantage the UK iTunes store has over the US one is the price for the excellent Band of Brothers and The Pacific (£24.90 each in HD vs $54.99 each in HD on the US store), but the UK series miss out on the excellent documentaries, which the US iTunes releases have. It's an absolute delight, therefore, to see this bundle - both series for an even cheaper £39.99 in HD, with all the extras that are on the US store releases! Complete bargain, and I'd thoroughly recommend buying it if you don't own the two series already.




Marian Edelman
Marian Edelman
03 June 2020

You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.

5 star

HBO Mini Series Band of Brothers and The Pacific! The best! Both for 20 dollars! Thanks

5 star

Big hats off to Apple for this discounted set from HBO.Both of these mini series are outstanding...5 stars.

1000 Wombats
1000 Wombats
5 star

Best miniseries ever! But why on earth do you have to buy the entire $70 worth?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
03 June 2020

Chuck Norris is the law. And if you break the law, the law breaks you.

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