Psycho-Pass, Season 1

In the future, thinking about a crime makes you guilty, and justice is dispensed from the barrel of a gun. Detectives work in teams made up of Enforcers and Inspectors. Enforcers take out the bad guys, and Inspectors make sure their partners don’t cross the line. The equalizer in the war on thugs is the Dominator, a weapon that can tell when citizens are about to turn criminal.

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1Crime Coefficient22:56USD 1.99Download
2Those Capable22:56USD 1.99Download
3Rearing Conventions22:56USD 1.99Download
4Nobody Knows Your Mask22:56USD 1.99Download
5Nobody Knows Your Face22:56USD 1.99Download
6Return of the Psychotic Prince22:56USD 1.99Download
7Symbolism of Bletilla Striata22:56USD 1.99Download
8And Then, Silence22:56USD 1.99Download
9Paradise Fruit22:56USD 1.99Download
10Methuselah’s Game22:56USD 1.99Download
11Saint’s Supper22:56USD 1.99Download
12Devil’s Crossroad22:56USD 1.99Download
13Invitation from the Abyss22:56USD 1.99Download
14Sweet Poison22:56USD 1.99Download
15The Town Where Sulfur Falls22:56USD 1.99Download
16The Gate to Judgment22:56USD 1.99Download
17Iron Heart22:56USD 1.99Download
18A Promise Written on Water22:56USD 1.99Download
19Transparent Shadow22:56USD 1.99Download
20Where Justice Lies22:56USD 1.99Download
21Blood-Stained Reward22:56USD 1.99Download
22Perfect World22:57USD 1.99Download

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The Red Tea Detox
5 star

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.


@viniciuscfp: Na entrevista de ontem (17/04/19) na Globonews, os jornalistas mostraram uma fila enorme de desempregados, como se fosse c…


No se si enojarme o reír ver a mi padre y mi novia pelear se ven tan tiernos 😁😁😁😁


@julisantosi_: Anoche me echaron de un boliche. No, no estaba haciendo nada ilegal. Solamente tenía MI PAÑUELO VERDE atado a la riñonera…

4 star

is the spoken language japenes?

Muser for life!!!
Muser for life!!!
5 star

This anime is enthralling from start to finish. The plots are fantastic, and the show will keep you on the edge of your seat. Makishima is a perfect villain, and the main characters were really well-written. *SPOILER ALERT* The only part I didn't like about this show is how Kagari was killed off. He was one of the show's best characters and while I could understand why the Sibyl System would eliminate him, it will never not hurt to think about his loss.

5 star

This is one of the best series I've watched in the last few years! Loved it. Waiting on Season 2 to be available on iTunes. Hopefully soon.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris once ate a banana and then defecated a gainomax recovery drink package...that is how gainomax is made

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2 Week Diet

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