Ranma ½, Season 1

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After taking a surprise dip in a cursed spring while on a training journey in China, martial artist Ranma Saotome and his father, Genma, aren’t quite themselves anymore. Now Ranma turns into a girl whenever he’s splashed with cold water, and Genma turns into a panda! Their new forms cause nothing but confusion at the Tendo Dojo, where Soun Tendo is waiting to introduce one of his three daughters to Ranma—as his fiancée! Turns out Genma and Soun arranged the match long ago, but the girl, Akane, and the boy, Ranma, aren’t exactly crazy about the idea, or each other! Or are they? Watch the gender switching, jealous rages, and martial arts battles unfold all over again!

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Strange Stranger from China23:32USD 1.99Download
2School Is No Place for Horsing Around!23:32USD 1.99Download
3A Sudden Storm of Love... Hey, Wait a Mi23:52USD 1.99Download
4Ranma and...Ranma? If It's Not One Thing23:52USD 1.99Download
5Love Me to the Bone! The Compound Fractu23:53USD 1.99Download
6Akane's Lost Love... These Things Happen23:53USD 1.99Download
7Enter Ryoga, the Eternal "Lost Boy"23:52USD 1.99Download
8School Is a Battlefield! Ranma vs. Ryoga23:52USD 1.99Download
9True Confessions! A Girl's Hair is Her L23:53USD 1.99Download
10P-P-P-Chan! He's Good For Nothin'23:53USD 1.99Download
11Ranma Meets Love Head-On! Enter the Deli23:53USD 1.99Download
12A Woman's Love Is War! The Martial Arts 23:53USD 1.99Download
13A Tear in a Girl-Delinquent's Eye? The E23:32USD 1.99Download
14The Abduction of P-chan23:23USD 1.99Download
15Close Call! the Dance of Death...On Ice!23:23USD 1.99Download
16P-chan Explodes! The Icy Fountain of Lov23:07USD 1.99Download
17Pelvic Fortune-Telling? Ranma Is the No.23:53USD 1.99Download
18Enter Shampoo, the Gung-Ho Girl! I Put M23:53USD 1.99Download
19Shampoo's Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique23:52USD 1.99Download
20I Love You, Ranma! Please Don't Say Good23:53USD 1.99Download
21I Am a Man! Ranma's Going Back to China!23:32USD 1.99Download
22Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial23:17USD 1.99Download
23You Really Do Hate Cats!23:18USD 1.99Download

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1 star

I can't believe that this is only the English Dub and you have no option to pick the original Japanese track with subtitles. At this price it's an even bigger insult. Why! Is there no option? The Japanese audio is so much better and adds so much more to the shows emotion.

Slushie Man
Slushie Man
5 star

Love this series and glad to see it on ITunes finally. The HD remaster looks beautiful :) will be buying a season per payday till I have them all, lol. And hopefully the movies get remastered after as well.

Good show :)))
Good show :)))
5 star

Finally ranma 1/2 is on iTunes I will be buying more episode ;) thanks again viz for doing this ps if u love inuyasha u will this show

04 June 2020

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.

Benny E.Vilca
Benny E.Vilca
5 star

Ranma 1/2 began on the Original run April 15, 1989 – September 16, 1989!Ranma ½ (Japanese: らんま½ Hepburn: Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi?, pronounced Ranma One-Half) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from September 1987 to March 1996, with the chapters collected into 38 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan. The story revolves around a 16-year old boy named Ranma Saotome who was trained from early childhood in martial arts. As a result of an accident during a training journey, he is cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water, while hot water changes him back into a boy. Ranma ½ had a comedic formula and a sex-changing main character, who often willfully transforms into a girl to advance his goals. The series also contains many other characters, whose intricate relationships with each other, unusual characteristics, and eccentric personalities drive most of the stories. Although the characters and their relationships are complicated, they rarely change once the characters are firmly introduced and settled into the series. The manga has been adapted into two anime series created by Studio Deen: Ranma ½ and Ranma ½ Nettōhen (らんま½ 熱闘編?), which together were broadcast on Fuji Television from 1989 to 1992. In addition, they developed 12 original video animations and three films. In 2011, a live-action television special was produced and aired on Nippon Television. The manga and anime series were licensed by Viz Media for English-language releases in North America. Madman Entertainment released part of the anime series and the first two movies in Australasia, before their license expired, and MVM Films released the first two movies in the United Kingdom.

Adolfo the one and only
Adolfo the one and only
5 star

Keep it up than I'll buy all of them

5 star

Shut it tuxedocartman! Ranma rocks!, English rocks!, anime in English rocks! And that's all there is to it!:-)

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
04 June 2020

Chuck Norris does not checkmate. He Chuckmates.

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Ranma may refer to: Ranma ½, a Japanese manga series Ranma Saotome, the title character in the Ranma ½ media franchise Ranma (architectural), a type of transom found in traditional Japanese architecture.

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