Batman: The Complete Series

The long-awaited 1960s TV series featuring Adam West (as Batman) and Burt Ward (as The Boy Wonder Robin) has finally arrived in Digital HD with all 120 episodes! With perfectly pitched scripts and the iconic high-camp cleverness of its “Pow!” “Thwack!” “Zap!” graphics, Batman leaped from the comic books to our living rooms as one of TV’s most beloved hits.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announces New York Comic Con panel, releases full-length trailer for “Batman: The Complete Series” Warner Bros. Home ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Season 1, Episode 1: Hi Diddle Riddle25:17USD 1.99Download
2Season 1, Episode 2: Smack in the middle25:16USD 1.99Download
3Season 1, Episode 3: Fine Feathered Fink25:23USD 1.99Download
4Season 1, Episode 4: The Penquin's a Jin25:19USD 1.99Download
5Season 1, Episode 5: The Joker is Wild25:19USD 1.99Download
6Season 1, Episode 6: Batman is Riled25:19USD 1.99Download
7Season 1, Episode 7: Instant Freeze25:18USD 1.99Download
8Season 1, Episode 8: Rats like cheese25:20USD 1.99Download
9Season 1, Episode 9: Zelda the great25:18USD 1.99Download
10Season 1, Episode 10: A Death Worse Than25:20USD 1.99Download
11Season 1, Episode 11: A riddle a day kee25:17USD 1.99Download
12Season 1, Episode 12: When the rat's awa25:20USD 1.99Download
13Season 1, Episode 13: The Thirteenth Hat25:17USD 1.99Download
14Season 1, Episode 14: Batman stands pat25:23USD 1.99Download
15Season 1, Episode 15: The joker goes to 25:17USD 1.99Download
16Season 1, Episode 16: He meets his match25:22USD 1.99Download
17Season 1, Episode 17: True or false face25:19USD 1.99Download
18Season 1, Episode 18: Holy rat race25:24USD 1.99Download
19Season 1, Episode 19: The purr-fect crim25:17USD 1.99Download
20Season 1, Episode 20: Better luck next t25:19USD 1.99Download
21Season 1, Episode 21: The penguin goes s25:18USD 1.99Download
22Season 1, Episode 22: Not yet, he ain't25:18USD 1.99Download
23Season 1, Episode 23: The ring of wax25:21USD 1.99Download
24Season 1, Episode 24: Give 'em the axe25:18USD 1.99Download
25Season 1, Episode 25: The joker trumps a25:19USD 1.99Download
26Season 1, Episode 26: Batman sets the pa25:19USD 1.99Download
27Season 1, Episode 27: The curse of tut25:19USD 1.99Download
28Season 1, Episode 28: The pharaoh's in a25:21USD 1.99Download
29Season 1, Episode 29: The bookworm turns25:19USD 1.99Download
30Season 1, Episode 30: While gotham city 25:17USD 1.99Download
31Season 1, Episode 31: Death in slow moti25:21USD 1.99Download
32Season 1, Episode 32: The riddler's fals25:20USD 1.99Download
33Season 1, Episode 33: Fine finny fiends25:18USD 1.99Download
34Season 1, Episode 34: Batman makes the s25:21USD 1.99Download
35Season 2, Episode 1: Shoot A Crooked Arr24:47USD 1.99Download
36Season 2, Episode 2: Walk The Straight A25:20USD 1.99Download
37Season 2, Episode 3: Hot Off The Griddle25:20USD 1.99Download
38Season 2, Episode 4: The Cat And The Fid25:18USD 1.99Download
39Season 2, Episode 5: The Minstrel'S Shak25:18USD 1.99Download
40Season 2, Episode 6: Barbecued Batman?25:20USD 1.99Download
41Season 2, Episode 7: The Spell Of Tut25:19USD 1.99Download
42Season 2, Episode 8: Tut'S Case Is Shut25:15USD 1.99Download
43Season 2, Episode 9: The Greatest Mother25:19USD 1.99Download
44Season 2, Episode 10: Ma Parker25:19USD 1.99Download
45Season 2, Episode 11: The Clock King'S C25:20USD 1.99Download
46Season 2, Episode 12: The Clock King Get25:18USD 1.99Download
47Season 2, Episode 13: An Egg Grows In Go25:20USD 1.99Download
48Season 2, Episode 14: The Yegg Foes In G25:22USD 1.99Download
49Season 2, Episode 15: The Devil'S Finger25:18USD 1.99Download
50Season 2, Episode 16: The Dead Ringers25:20USD 1.99Download

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The Red Tea Detox
Cary David Hoffson
Cary David Hoffson
14 April 2018

Anyone you buy will have the same special features on the blu ray and DVD that you pick up to buy from the store

1 star

Unbearable cringe, remember it fondly as child but best not to revisit it!

5 star

Don't listen to any bad reviews to this series and don't listen to those people who think it's supposed to be dark and gritty that stuff is ment for the bbd (bigger better deal)because it s supposed to be aimed at children!

5 star

I grew up watching re-runs of this series. It is a large part of my childhood and I still consider Adam West to be one of the best Batmans. It is so amazing to finally be able to own this series. Being a person who is obsessed with picture quality, I was stunned by the remastering job. Similar to the remastering job of the Batman 60’s movie, the TV series looks as if it were filmed yesterday. I have to say, despite popular opinion, I think the third season is the best and Yvonne Craig is wonderful as Batgirl. To finally be able to own the series full of colourful POWS! and the true Rogues Gallery of Villians is a dream come true! Buy this, it’s a part of history!

Chunky Returns
Chunky Returns
22 January 2018

Why is it not DTS master audio?

Ralph Emerson
Ralph Emerson
5 star

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Harrison Littrell
Harrison Littrell
02 September 2017

RIP Adam West, we'll miss you

Steve Dwyer
Steve Dwyer
14 June 2017

I'm glad Adam west and Yvonne were able to see this release . Why did they have to wait so long


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Robert Reyonds
Robert Reyonds
29 May 2017

I got the boxset now i need the blu ray!

the lel
The lel
22 November 2016

why this got so many dislikes lol

5 star

This series was a steal for $29! I remember watching reruns of these with my dad in the 90s, and now my young sons love watching these with me!

5 star

Awesome collection for an awesome show! I couldn’t pass up the price either ($29 on sale). Highly recommended for any fan of Batman even at full price.

5 star

Just heard this morning that Adam West passed away and immediately went to watch the classic Batman episodes I saw in reruns as a kid. A classic show for anyone who loves Batman and is up for a visit to Gotham City.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Some people die even though they don't deserve to. None of them are killed by Chuck Norris. He kills those who damn well fucking deserve it.

18 October 2016

You're asking yourself why this has 350 dislikes? We were expecting _Batman: The Animated Series_! Do it already!

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2 Week Diet

Batman: The Complete Series wiki coming soon. Batman (Comic Book Character), Adam West (Award Winner), Batman Theme (TV Theme Song), Burt Ward (TV Actor), Julie Newmar (Film Actor), Warner Bros. Entertainment (Production Company),

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