Jacob Collier - In My Room (Transcription)

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"In My Room" from Surfer Girl (1963) by The Beach Boys
Arrangement included in the 2016 album "In My Room" by Jacob Collier

Words and Music by Brian Wilson and Gary Usher
Arranged and Performed by Jacob Collier
Transcribed by June Lee

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Error correction:
There is a B-natural in bar 9
Bass voice (lowest part) in bar 51 should be E - C - G

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Drops of Music
Drops of Music
09 September 2019

Thank You!

17 July 2019

I think the 12/8 wonky subdivision is a septuplet thing. 123 12 12

Vanessa Ng
Vanessa Ng
27 June 2019

please do a transcription of jacob collier's cover of best part!!!

11 December 2019

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Benjamin Mjönes
Benjamin Mjönes
19 June 2019

It always feels like Jacob does something with the tuning in bar 64 ”..fraaaid”

Gianni Stefano Gonzalez Cierro
Gianni Stefano Gonzalez Cierro
02 June 2019

Beautiful work! =) One question, I know little theory so, I was wondering in 0:35 what does it mean when we have an F clef within the G clef? Couldnt find it in google. (short clef change perhaps?) Thanks

11 December 2019

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Santo Roy
Santo Roy
16 May 2019

I can’t get enough of this

yo bro
Yo bro
10 April 2019

Great choice of vocals hats off to take 6! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
10 April 2019

He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.

todd johnson
Todd johnson
04 March 2019

This is disgusting. A song titled in my room. Accompanied by a heavy breather type sound. "But the complexity" Crap I will make note of this song when I insult jacob coollier.

Joseph Keefe
Joseph Keefe
19 February 2019

Someone PLEASE tell me what scale is being used at 1:08 in the U-Bass

Catherine León
Catherine León
14 December 2018

Hello! Congratulations on your transcript and thank you very much! I've been studying! I want to ask you please if you give me a reference to obtain information on the notation of ornaments in modern or jazz singing. Thank you! Catherine.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
11 December 2019

Chuck Norris doesnt fight, he just lets you lose.

Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis
15 August 2018

wtf i was just looking up the beach boys chords and i stumble upon this masterpiece. This is why I love music so much, they took an already classic song and revamped doing it extreme justice. I'm so glad i found this, thanks for posting!!

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