A Julia Roberts-Lucas Hedges 'Feud' Is Born

Julia Roberts had her 'Ben is Back' co-star Lucas Hedges over for some Thanksgiving turkey, but now the only thing they have together is beef.

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Michal Hrdý
Michal Hrdý
11 February 2019

Her face when he said 'dry', then her revengeful face and then the comment, she killed it xD

30 January 2019

You can see why Dave loved her. Now it's Steven's turn

26 January 2019

But she said she had teenagers....isn't her oldest kid 11....so maybe wait till he's 16-17 and see if he still tells her absolutely everything.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

chuck Norris can make ice cream... in a iron a smelter

13 January 2019

Those who know Julia best know she's not like the sweetheart characters she portrays on screen. Even a true pro such as Meryl Streep swore she will never work with Roberts again after doing "August Osage" together. Julia's rep in Hollywood rhymes with the word "Witch" and it ain't pretty!

19 February 2019

@rshanea722: One day when we decide to talk about all the horror films we never talk about, we must add to the list: THE HAUNTING OF JUL…

19 February 2019


19 February 2019

@Julia_aubreyyy Thank you my love ❤️ appreciate you so much

19 February 2019

@Julia_ss28 @_peixer1 Ta

19 February 2019

@Julia_Tor gostosaaa, eu amo

19 February 2019

@juliaereck: hey #VisibleWomen 💕 I’m Julia, a bi girl illustrator and designer in Seattle. I like queer joy, royalty aesthetics, fashion…

19 February 2019

@ScottMorrisonMP: Further to my post last weekend on the Pratt Cattle Transport cap, & the sledging from some journalists for wearing it…

Jess Montes
Jess Montes
10 January 2019

She looks fucking great!!!!

09 January 2019

She always looks to be fake smiling and like her upper dentures falling out.

Mike Pelley
Mike Pelley
05 January 2019

He should send her a wrapped apology gift with a nice letter. Something like "How to cook a moist turkey".

Martha Washington
Martha Washington
5 star

The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.

Dfghdfgh Uytiu
Dfghdfgh Uytiu
05 January 2019

Why does her dress make me hear “I can show you the world...”?

dayana heriel
Dayana heriel
05 January 2019

A truky little dry😂🤣😂🤣

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