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HI IT'S BEEN A WHILE. There is a letter to u down here plz! -edit- the last lyrics don't mean leave LIFE lol I am not suicidal

SO this past year has been a time of RELEASING music. Producing the songs I've written and put out on this channel, writing for production and playing with a band on tour.
Trouble IS now I feel like everything I put on this channel must be for production
which sends me into a SPiRAL of "it's not good enough to be recorded! once I upload it that's IT it's finished and cannot be changed! I can't set this in stone!`" etc

hence why no uploads, creative crisis, etc. But I think what I'm going to do iiiiis
ignore that lol. And just upload anyway.
BUT, to my audience - plz bare in mind that these are like... first drafts of songs. When I go to produce them we might change stuff around, add new sections, etc. And for that I am sorry!

I fly to LA for the WHOLE of january. I'll be writing and collabing my heart out!
I'm so sorry for the hiatus. This year has been a LOT
love u! truly! thank you for EVERYTHING. And your words and love DO help me. I'm working on believing them. xxx


he was certain
so was I
there was comfort
in her sighs
dreams and ideas should not be the same thing
You waited smiling for this

oh she’d want it
if she knew
she could take it,
I thought too
be careful be cautious but you just wished harder
you waited smiling for this

“But they love you!” over and over “they love you!”
thousands and thousands of
eyes just like mine
aching to find
who they are
and they love you! oh you can feel how they love you!
coated and warm but that’s
all they can do
words only get through
if they’re sharp

Oh how fitting
for one so fake
make me a fairy
whatever it takes
and just like her tale my dream was a scam
Oh you waited smiling for this

I am burnt out
I smell of smoke
it seeps through her cracks and so I start to choke
sentences sit in her mouth that are templated
You waited smiling for this


I can just talk about it
maybe I'll talk about it
i'll never talk about it
i cannot talk about it

don't build hope on something broken
i am not cartoon
cry for help
i am not joking
i might just leave soon.

if u like my writing - i wrote a book! secretsforthemadbook.com/


Snapchat and Instagram username is doddleoddle

BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected]



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Bevin Hunter
Bevin Hunter
15 May 2019

this song breaks my heart, but in such a beautiful way. i feel like it understands me...sorry this is weird.

《Foxena 》
《Foxena 》
11 May 2019

You hear the raw emotion, I love it.

Yahel Bouaziz
Yahel Bouaziz
08 May 2019

I randomly stumbled upon a playlist of yours and was mindlessly listening to you while working. Then this song came on : You swept me away for real !! :o The music and the lyrics both are reminiscent of Tori Amos... Sorry to say I stopped the playlist and broke your replay button on this video !!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris uses the Shroud of Turin as a lobster bib.

Scarlet Wittwer
Scarlet Wittwer
06 May 2019

Dodie, i have recently gotten into you based on hearing a song by you over social media. I have fallen in love with your music and your talent. You really understand a few things others dont. I really enjoy hearing you sing and your music. This one is one of my favorites also secret for the mad. You probably will never see this but I just wanted to thank you for all the things you do. The moment I saw you were going on tour for your new album Human, I knew I had to buy tickets. You really inspire me to write songs and to pursue my ukelele. You are spectacular and I just wanted you to know that.

20 May 2019

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20 May 2019

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cher m
Cher m
30 April 2019

this has become my calming song whenever the episodes are back. thank you. ive been listening to this at least once a month since january last year. thank you so much for creating this<3

Skierz 13
Skierz 13
29 April 2019

I regret not finding you, an amazing and beautiful person, sooner.

Tina Starlight
Tina Starlight
26 April 2019

Dear Dodie. Do not look at me like that again. It gives me chills. Actually, no, scratch that. PLEASE DO.

5 star

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Forest Golub
Forest Golub
26 April 2019

Your words are sharp

smitha nair
Smitha nair
25 April 2019

the look she give in the beginning of the video broke my heart into a zillion peices dont worry youll be sunny again

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Burned or burnt may refer to: Anything which has undergone combustion Burned (image), quality of an image transformed with loss of detail in all portions lighter than some limit, and/or those darker than some limit Burnt (film), a 2015 drama film starring Bradley Cooper Burned (album), 1995 album by Electrafixion "Burned" (CSI: Miami), an episode of CSI: Miami "Burned" (The Twilight Zone), a 2003 episode of The Twilight Zone Burned (Hopkins novel), a 2005 novel by Ellen Hopkins Burned (Cast nov... burned out, dodie, original song, piano, dodie clark, doddleoddle, doddlevloggle, 6/10, when,

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