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In this video I talk about how to apply for the new Apple Card when you get that invite. Right now the card is not available to the general public but you can sign up with email to get early access here:

The card should be available to the general public at the end of August.

I ran into some issue when applying due to my billing address but it is super easy to resolve so I check it out if you are having similar issues.

So far I love this card for the app tracking functionality, the cashback rewards as well as the security.

Below are the links to all the tech gear that is featured in this video. They are amazon affiliates links so I will get a small commission if you buy from them.

Camera Backpack -
Noise cancelling Headphones -
Camera Stap-
Camera -
Lens -
Telephoto Lens
Powerbank -
Hard drive-
USB-C to USB Adapter -
USB-C to SD Card Reader -
Apple iPad Pro -
Apple Pencil -
AirPods -
Gimbal -
Microphone -
Tripod -
Drone -
Drone ND Filters -
GoPro -
Camera Wrist strap -
GorillaPod -
Tiffen Variable ND -

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