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I use Pandora for my free music streaming service. What music streaming service do you use?



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The Most Popular Traffic Exchange Service
11 February 2019

This used to be Rdio. I really enjoyed using it, I found it was really good at finding new music I like. Unfortunately when it turned into/got bought out by Pandora it was no longer available in Canada so now I use Apple Music but I miss this.

I know that
I know that
14 January 2019

Just use spotify...

Karam Levi
Karam Levi
06 December 2018

Always put the home country flag on the left. Show respect. If your in Brazil I apologize. Money can’t buy class-

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

I used to think Chuck Norris was a great guy, then he had sex with my wife, now I think he is amazing!

Beto Hernandez
Beto Hernandez
17 September 2018 Click that link its pandora one you have unlimited skips no ads and if you click thumbs up the song can be downloaded to your phone only for android phones its apk file

Jim Thibodeau
Jim Thibodeau
16 August 2018

No info on volume control.

Jim S.
Jim S.
08 August 2018

Good video. I just started using Pandora (free) yesterday. This video helped. I thought I could select individual songs to create a playlist, but that's not possible in the free version. You can do that in the top tier version, but that's pretty expensive. However I like that I can select artists in the free version, and then Pandora automatically creates a station based on that artist - adding other artists from the same genre. Cool. Thanks for the video.

Shana Harris
Shana Harris
04 May 2018


Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge
5 star

We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.

Jaquie Craig
Jaquie Craig
13 February 2018


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