sorry for the awkward volume changes in some songs.. I got copyrighted ofc LOL. but anyway HI IM BACK and ari really did THAT with this album. i literally love every song! YES MA’AM like don’t mind if i do. sorry for being MIA for so long but sometimes life really slaps ya if ykwim LOL. I LOVE & MISS U CUTIES AND ITS GREAT TO BE BACK. comment your fav song in the comments OKAY BYE ❤️
snapchat: abbieriedeman


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Sweetener th
Sweetener th
06 April 2019

LMAO , this video is so funny 🤣

Princess Kelly
Princess Kelly
01 April 2019

You’re back!!!! I’ve been waiting for you to come back!!!

Jordan Rodgers
Jordan Rodgers
23 March 2019

My brand new favorite songs are NASA and 7rings and Thank you next

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris ate a brownie once

Beth Grande
Beth Grande
10 March 2019

There was no sound for in my head

Lyz Vanelx
Lyz Vanelx
08 March 2019

I love your reaction! You guys are FUNNY AF! but i find it gross when you speak while you eat, or eat with your mouth open

jiejue sun
Jiejue sun
03 March 2019

I was waiiiiiiiting for this video

tatianna was robbed
Tatianna was robbed
28 February 2019

you guys are so cuteeee 😂😂 also so excited to see you back 💕💕💕

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
5 star

Be great in act, as you have been in thought.

Brittney Marie
Brittney Marie
26 February 2019

i couldn’t stop smiling through the whole video. y’all are so funny and cute i loved this video

Cielo Lopez710
Cielo Lopez710
22 February 2019

We NEED more video!!!!! Please!!!!!!

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