Just A Second 2016 : One Second Everyday

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2016 Highlights

01-10: We lost David Bowie.
01-14: We lost Alan Rickman.
01-21: First snow of the year.
02-06: "Camping-themed" Engagement portrait session with Nicole & Cody Sunby
02-07: Cameron + Grandma
02-15: I began writing a script for a short film (still under construction).
03-19: At McAlister's Deli with Sheila Hutchinson & Family.
04-21: We lost Prince.
05-07: Playing with my son in the backyard - a gif of this moment went viral on imgur.com.
05-09: The Transit of Mercury
05-15: Engagement Portrait Session with our dear friends, David & Tiffany.
05-21: The Wedding of Tiffany & Brett Lindley
05-25: Bubbles!
05-26: Bubbles!
05-27: Bubbles and Bubbles!
06-04: The Wedding of Cinnamon & Stephen Johnson
06-07: Continuation of Bubbles.
06-11: Seriously? Bubbles again?
06-19: Swimming at Meador Pool
06-20: Swimming with Ayden
06-27: Playing at Jump Mania
07-04: July 4th Fireworks with Drew Hutchison
07-07: Swimming with Avery
07-17: Flying over the Gomez Home with Jason Deal, CG Martin, Mindy Gomez, & Jason Gomez
07-24: Steemit.com - where I've been spending a majority of my time since I found it. Seriously, check it out. It'll change your life.
08-01: Corey Forbes playing her tank drum under our Tree of Life on her birthday.
08-09: Started my new workout regimen.
08-14: Okay, so this happened while I was checking messages in my car at the Hy-Vee gas station in Springfield, Missouri. I look to my left and see Captain America. I couldn't *not* record a moment or two for this.
09-10: This year Jason, Brett, Corey and I started a podcast called Steemit Talk Podcast, where we discuss the topics we see posted on Steemit.com. This was our 8th episode.
09-17: The Wedding of Korie & Brittany Foulds.
09-18: More podcasting.
10-15: The Wedding Reception of Kari & Kyle Kemp.
10-29: Weathered Wisdom Barn - The venue for the Wedding of Nicole & Cody Sunby.
10-30: MORE PODCASTING! w/Brett Lindley
11-11: That's right - I bought the ring. :)
11-12: That's right - She said yes...on her birthday.
11-16: Picking up Cameron from his first day of pre-school.
11-17: I got my father's ring resized and cleaned up. Never coming off.
11-21: First day on the school Bus.
11-24: Thanksgiving at Grandpa's.
12-17: Had the boy's room repainted and popcorn ceiling removed.
12-25: Christmas Day: My new Polaroid obsession begins.
12-31: Podcasting on NYE!!

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Shirley Huynh
Shirley Huynh
11 January 2017

I love it!! what camera and what program did you use?

Evan DeClercq
Evan DeClercq
03 January 2017

An awesome video! I look forward to these!

Jason Deal
Jason Deal
01 January 2017

Excellent.. just like every year! :)

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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
17 September 2019

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