TRAVEL GUIDE: Den Haag + Day Trips

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Explore the city of Den Haag as well as several nearby towns in the Netherlands!


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Den Haag: Binnenhof, Escher in Heit Palace, Peace Palace
Leiden: Oudt Leyden

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I love smiling, making friends, and dreaming of places to go next! With 14 countries and counting at the ripe age of 22, I am well on my way to seeing the world.

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Alla Soiko
Alla Soiko
07 December 2018

Salaam taiping peace paix мир paz

Han Solo
Han Solo
01 December 2018

I love this video and ur flair 🙏 can't wait to see the city

Güven Güryol
Güven Güryol
01 November 2018

oh oh Den haag mooie staat achter de duinen. such a lovely city come and visit :)

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris' amps used to go to eleven, but he recently hot-rodded them so they now go to infinity.

Nicole Foras
Nicole Foras
13 October 2018

I love how you end with "keep the spirit of a tourist with the mind of a local!"

Zopfi Travel
Zopfi Travel
18 September 2018

Cool video! The text bars with info are really great. As European guides & proud residents from Den Haag, we can't resist to add a few notes: - Although its proud inhabitants consider things different, Scheveningen is officially a neighbourhood of Den Haag. Just 15 minutes by tram from Central Station. - You missed Madurodam, a miniature version of The Netherlands in one park. Hopefully you can visit it next time. - The Louwman Museum has the largest private car collection, with many classic models. One of the best car museums in the world, yet very new and its fame needs to grow. - The Keukenhof waffle is done in Belgium style, Dutch waffles are the Stroopwafels - Juliana was Queen of the Netherlands for 32 years and the grandmother of current King Willem-Alexander. You have a great Dutch name ;) You caught the food truck festival and book market at Lange Voorhout well on camera, same for the Dutch food, making it a really enjoyable video. We'll share the video for inspiration with some of our potential clients, if that's ok with you. Happy & safe travels!

Brandon Miner
Brandon Miner
12 September 2018

Great video. Also you are so beautiful!

leonardo haag
Leonardo haag
01 June 2018

My name is Leonardo Haag

Lou Holtz
Lou Holtz
5 star

I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.

24 May 2018

👍Thank you!

Shengfeng Gu
Shengfeng Gu
14 May 2018

Dutch-English way of pronouncing Den Haag. That’s cool~

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