Patagonia Men's Torrentshell Rain Jacket Review

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Is this jacket really waterproof? Definitely watch this review before buying any waterproof breathable shell jacket, I really want to help manage your expectations.

I do love the Patagonia Men's Torrentshell, it's such a good quality rain jacket, the stitching is perfect, it's lightweight, packable, the left pocket doubles up as a stuff sack (which is great when you know how to fold it) it's strong, a good fit and it will definitely keep you dry for longer, but there are a few things you should know about overhyped waterproof hiking gear.

Check it out here:

I took the Torrentshell with me to Indonesia and was wearing it while on my bike and it completely poured down with rain and the water cut straight through it. It's perfect for consistent drizzle or light showers, but definitely, understand that most rain gear is overhyped on its waterproofing capabilities.

So instead of relying on this solely, it's always a good idea to have a backup such as a poncho for those unexpected downpours.

For £110.00 it is still a good price, especially because of the design, features and build quality, this jacket will last you a very long time and worth buying over a cheaper alternative.



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18 September 2019

Would you say this would be enough in terms of water protection in Scotland highlands in summer?

15 September 2019

Why would I buy a rain jacket that is waterproof? So this thing is useless. There are raincoats on the market that are packable waterproof interracial downpours. Some of the new ones and breathable to end packable. So I wouldn't buy this coat thanks for letting us know you should just tell people do not buy this jacket. It'd be really dangerous to get wet and cold and some situations especially if you do somewhere remote so this is a dangerous coat to rely on to keep dry. Say it like it is.

Joep One
Joep One
05 September 2019

I regret it really bad and annoying zipper, it's a same cause I love patagonia!

14 October 2019

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Chicago Dan
Chicago Dan
28 August 2019

Over a down jacket, or sweater as Patagonia calls it, it’s damn near bulletproof.

Ben Armitage
Ben Armitage
25 August 2019

Not sure if its me just sweating but has anybody else noticed the jacket smells a bit funny

14 October 2019

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King Kévo
King Kévo
25 August 2019

I’m 5,9 250lbs, but Im not really fat, what size do you think I should get for me

Shally Li
Shally Li
22 August 2019

I bought a rain jacket for my husband which is in nice shape and perfect for running and work.  He is 176lb 6.0ft in L. Nice jacket recommend.

John Adams
John Adams
22 August 2019

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joseph alonsabe
Joseph alonsabe
20 August 2019

Thanks for the awesome review! I’m sorry if I missed it. But if you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you and what size jacket are you wearing?

19 August 2019

Potato skin is waterproof. Why has no one made an organic jacket out of this natural material ?

Diana Guadalupe
Diana Guadalupe
12 August 2019

nice video , i am thinking about purchasing this jacket , what are your thoughts on its performance against cold weathers

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
14 October 2019

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Sr Vb
Sr Vb
02 August 2019

Why can't Patagonia make jackets with the same nylon or polyester that is used to make tents? They can withstand a tropical rainstorm for days without letting a drop of water through, although I believe there also some plastic in the material mix but who cares if it makes the fabric really 100% waterproof no matter the severity of any torrent or tempest.

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