The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow

Neon is fading.
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Master Wu started making neon signs in the ’80s and has been filling Hong Kong’s streets with bright neon signs ever since. But recently, Master Wu has seen his business slow down as brighter-burning and more energy-efficient LED signs emerge. In addition to getting fewer requests, Hong Kong’s iconic neon landscape is also losing thousands of signs per year, ushering in the end of the city’s neon era.

As Hong Kong’s neon lights start to fade, I spent some time with Master Wu at his neon shop, where he showed me how he makes neon signs, and took a look at Hong Kong’s changing cityscape.

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mike mills
Mike mills
19 March 2019

I have never cared so little and so much about sonething like this at one time.

Tiffany Tedany
Tiffany Tedany
18 March 2019

Kid:i like turtle Me: I like neon

Lucy LAU
Lucy LAU
17 March 2019

it is fvcking strange to see a show based on a place you live and as hong kong changes, it adapts too. its not a bad thing to leave neon as history - we can adapt to different changes and hong kong will have a new icon as technology improves. neon will be iconic, but we can't keep things like that forever, just like we can't keep british steam engines. sure, iconic, but we should stop thinking about preserving the past with the present but record it as what it was and watch how we evolve and present newer, better ideas. solid argument and series tho keep it going

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris did not play high school or college football, thus sparing hundreds from injury.

Yi Liang
Yi Liang
17 March 2019

Thank you for discovering this! I am happy as a Chinese

Rocky Mao
Rocky Mao
14 March 2019

led just looks so cheap

veronhica villanueva
Veronhica villanueva
07 March 2019

Love the background sound track

Eric Schecter
Eric Schecter
04 March 2019

Very interessting. Music at 3:20? The electro one.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ralph Waldo Emerson
5 star

Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.

Brick Life
Brick Life
27 February 2019

i like the TVB logo he made

23 February 2019

Vox music are so good

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