How A 2-Stroke Reed Valve Works | Fix Your Dirt Bike

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How A 2-stroke Reed valve works. A reed valve is simply a one-way valve that lets the air/fuel mixture from the carburetor into the crankcase during vacuum.

The reed valve is easy to overlook during routine maintenance, and under-appreciated when it comes to performance, so make sure it's working right!

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When under pressure, the reed valves close to allow the fuel mix in the crankcase to be forced up into the cylinder.

The reed valve also atomized fuel as much as possible as it enters the crankcase. Better atomization = more power.

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23 September 2019

Hi When I take the air filter of my carb , I see white smoke (looks like exhaust gas) coming out of the air intake. The bike runs really poor idle and when I turn the throttle it bogs. I can't get it to rev. Does this have something to do with the Reed valves? Thanks

ben r
Ben r
15 September 2019

Anyone know about getting improved Reed valves in a 09 f570?

25 July 2019

I wonder how it would affect the power if it uses tesla valve instead 🤔🤔🤔

14 October 2019

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dread knot
Dread knot
13 July 2019

1:50 so you vape.

t dutton
T dutton
29 June 2019

Hey John cool video. I have a 1998 cr250 and one of my reed petals broke and is possibly in my cylinder, what should I do? Thanks

14 October 2019

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18 June 2019

Learning. Thanks brother.

31 May 2019

Thanks for making this. One day my scooter just died all of a sudden. When I cranked the engine, it seemed like it cranked faster than usual, which made me believe it lost compression. Is it possible the reed valve just broke?

31 May 2019

Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

Spivze Spivatron
Spivze Spivatron
08 May 2019

Hi if i slightly bend the cage stoppers outwards,does the extra room the reeds have to move create more power or is it inwards they need to go ?Italjet Dragster 172 2t btw

mohd kamarul
Mohd kamarul
23 April 2019

Hai sir .. im drive a 125cc y125zr 2 stroke street bike .. how much gap for my reed valve should i tuning ?

Bike Life_93
Bike Life_93
20 March 2019

This video was SO helpful, thank you.😂

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
14 October 2019

You can't spell Love without L O, you can't spell is without I S, you can't spell SILO without LOIS. Chuck Norris

The MX Guru
The MX Guru
09 March 2019

well said bro!

How A 2-Stroke Reed Valve Works | Fix Your Dirt Bike Wiki

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