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7 rings Β· Ariana Grande

thank u, next

β„— 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 2019-02-08

Producer, Associated Performer, Programming: Tommy Brown
Producer, Associated Performer, Programming: Charles Anderson
Producer, Associated Performer, Programming: Michael Foster
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Serban Ghenea
Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: John Hanes
Associated Performer, Vocal Producer, Background Vocalist: Victoria Monet
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Brendan Morawski
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Sean Klein
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Billy Hickey
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Tayla Parx
Composer Lyricist: Victoria Monet
Composer Lyricist: Tayla Parx
Composer Lyricist: Ariana Grande
Composer Lyricist: Njomza Vitia
Composer Lyricist: Richard Rogers
Composer Lyricist: Oscar Hammerstein II
Composer Lyricist: Kimberly Krysiuk
Composer Lyricist: Tommy Brown
Composer Lyricist: Michael Foster
Composer Lyricist: Charles Anderson

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lisha lowery
Lisha lowery
08 December 2019

i see it i like i want i got it ;]

06 December 2019

soooo Idk if I'm slow or anything but I just noticed the writing from her neck coming down says " thank you next" 0-0..

alexis terrell
Alexis terrell
03 December 2019

The Yup tho!! Lmaooo

10 December 2019

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Arielle McLovin
Arielle McLovin
01 December 2019


Nafisa Heart
Nafisa Heart
06 November 2019

you like my hair? gee thanks it took me three months to finally get up and wash it, then majority of the day to brush and braid it 😁

10 December 2019

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Gacha Kitty
Gacha Kitty
04 November 2019

u make me feel poor ;-;

Lena Robbins
Lena Robbins
20 October 2019

me on my birthday:

Henry Thoreau
Henry Thoreau
20 October 2019

Things do not change, we change.

Master Jayden
Master Jayden
17 October 2019

When ya see dem racks dey stacked up like *MY* ass

Nykole Jenkins
Nykole Jenkins
15 October 2019

Her recent songs are impressive she's come far as an artist in a matter of 6 years πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Gacha Kitty
Gacha Kitty
04 November 2019

who else was offended when she said " whoever said money can solve your problems must of not have money to solve em" my parents said money can solve problems ;-; I FELT POOR Q~Q Nice 2 likes -w-

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
10 December 2019

Date: March 8, 2012. Chuck Norris decides to spend his spring vacation in the Mushroom Kingdom to duke it out with the portly plumber himself. Mario is currently gobbling 1-Up mushrooms, grabbing red coins, and going berserk with golden flowers.

28 September 2019

me when i got my first minimum wage job

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