Summer Non-Reading Wrap Up

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In which I talk about the non-bookish things I’ve been doing in the last few months...

---Theatre mentioned---

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie:

The Cursed Child:

----Films and TV mentioned---

Incredibles 2:

Ant Man and the Wasp:

When Marnie Was There:

Up On Poppy Hill:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society:


---Music mentioned---



---Other Stuff Mentioned---

Howarth, Bronte Parsonage:

Lake District:

Holiday in Italy:

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with cinnamon, please
With cinnamon, please
23 September 2018

I'm glad you enjoyed the Cursed Child play, and I bet it is amazing, but I really didn't like the book :( Incredibles 2 is so good! ^^ omg I also love Studio Ghibli! I need to watch Up On Poppy Hill

Jo Smith
Jo Smith
22 September 2018

Sounds like you had a great summer Katie and I can't believe Travis are still going, are they still making music or just playing the old hits?

Olivia Pope
Olivia Pope
22 September 2018

So interesting to hear your thoughts on The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. I (shamefully) watched the film without having seen the book, so I really enjoyed the film. Totally agree though that they do make the main character a bit of a hopeless romantic who relies on men, so I think I shall have to get to the book and see the difference. Also, don't let the rejections get you down. You'll get there, and it's really exciting you're near the end of your new book! Also, yay for nanowrimo, hope you manage to get finished in time. :D

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Trees bend because they're trying to get away from Chuck Norris. No matter how hard they try, they just can't get away due to his awesomeness.

Hissing Potatoes
Hissing Potatoes
22 September 2018

I watched From Up On Poppy Hill within the last couple years (I think it's my only Studio Ghibli so far? Really need to rectify that.) and also enjoyed it very much.

23 May 2019

Written in crayon by a man with an IQ too low to know right from wrong per Mueller report OMG, this will definitely…

23 May 2019

@Hani76893561 Child who raed books waiser than oldman who non-read

23 May 2019

Nice, my Kindle can now filter between read and non-read.

22 September 2018

We are just getting the dramatization of The Miniaturist here in the states and judging by that, and the incredible success of its author, since the book set off a bidding war, it appears that to be a successful writer of fiction set in some other era currently, you need to throw in some thoroughly modern attitudes and themes, then pad out the glaring anachronisms with utterly boring historical fact like the sugar trade in 17thc Holland, and of course include obligatory explicit sexual content (/snerk) Oh and never bother to solve the supposed mystery upon which the novel hinges, Not a fan as you can probably tell, LOL.

Kristina Pěkníková
Kristina Pěkníková
22 September 2018

Reading related: What do you think is the best place to start with Trollope? I’m curious about reading some of his work but I’m a bit unsure as to where to start.

22 September 2018

R u going to review the hardcopy script of HP & CC, spoilery & non-spoilery? I know some booktubers were lenient & gave it 3/5 stars whereas others were hmm scathing 1 star or so reviewers.

John Petit-Senn
John Petit-Senn
5 star

Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.

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