Your Apple Watch can now stream music

The newest Apple Watch update adds a new radio app and supports streaming Apple Music. Scott Stein played with it for a couple days. Here's how it works.
Apple Watch Series 3 review -

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James E Feichtel
James E Feichtel
23 November 2018

can anyone tell me what band that is?

Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh
03 November 2018


28 October 2018

Can the watch play a song through the watch speakers?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

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24 September 2018

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Raunaq Khurana
Raunaq Khurana
13 September 2018

Can I stream apple music with the only gps version

Mi Ke
Mi Ke
21 July 2018

I was able to play songs on my watches library but after the update I'm forced to use my breatz headphones 😭

Todd P
Todd P
21 June 2018

Apple Music is terrible on the iwatch

George Shaw
George Shaw
5 star

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Vishnu Dutta
Vishnu Dutta
22 May 2018

Bro the title should be apple watch not your apple watch, can't afford one but reading in the tile. Imao😂😂

Javonnie England
Javonnie England
06 May 2018

What app is the radio app for the watch? Am I the only one hat just dose not no this?

Your Apple Watch can now stream music Wiki

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  • Date26 October 2017
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