King Krule: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Dec. 6, 2017 | Bob Boilen -- The Ooz, the title to King Krule's latest album, is the perfect name for his music. It conjures, in my mind, a word mashup of "cool" and "jazz." The music is eerily evocative with lyrics that talk about the sorts of depression singer and guitarist Archy Marshall has dealt with in his young life. And, at 23, he has a lot to say on the subject. His opening song at the Tiny Desk, "Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)," includes the line, "Why'd you leave me? Because of my depression? / You used to complete me but I guess I learnt a lesson." The song continues with water-sinking metaphors and how he deals with the pressure. All this comes from someone who honestly looks like he couldn't care less, which seems like a far cry from the words and care he puts into his twisted, woozy tones.

Those tones are played here by five other musicians, including sax, guitars, bass, drums, live vocal processing of Archy's voice and electronics. It's a winning path down a musical road rarely traveled – and an acquired taste well worth dipping in.

Set List

"Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)"


"Lonely Blue"


Archy Marshall; Connor Atanda; John Keek; George Bass; Jack Towell; James Wilson


Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Assistant Audio Engineer: Josephine Nyounai; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Beck Harlan, Alyse Young; Production Assistant: Salvatore Maicki; Photo: Jennifer Kerrigan/NPR

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Conor Dennis
Conor Dennis
14 June 2019

the tobacco pouch in his shirt pocket... love

I’m Stupid
I’m Stupid
09 June 2019

please invite homeshake!!!!

Jason Toomey
Jason Toomey
09 June 2019


Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

The last time Chuck Norris had a crab salad was when he ate your wife's box lunch.

Victor Gradea
Victor Gradea
07 June 2019

tiny desk should invite Crumb... this was super groovy btw

05 June 2019

@2:15 it’s like the music is pulling itself out of the muck it been in for the past 2 minutes and I’m so here to that

jael 97
Jael 97
05 June 2019

People will just not know.

Lebron James
Lebron James
04 June 2019


Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde
5 star

Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it.

xxdeath xx
Xxdeath xx
31 May 2019

..... zzzzz

sarcasmus L
Sarcasmus L
31 May 2019

the first song is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ive ever heard

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