Bank of America Cash Rewards Review: Do You Have $50K?

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Bank of America Cash Rewards review
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Bank of America Cash Rewards Review: Do You Have $50K? Comments

Bank of America Cash Rewards Review: Do You Have $50K? Reviews

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18 May 2019

Just did a review on this card! I agree about is being the most valuable if you are in the platinum or platinum plus tiers. If you are at $50,000-$100,000 this is an incredible cash back card

10 March 2019

I cannot belive how shitty this is I was a reward client for at least 4 years now, what do I get, two rejection for applying cash reward card. What kind of crap this is , what kind of shitty service this is.

Mounaim Kantaoui
Mounaim Kantaoui
06 March 2019

Did I have to open an account bank with bank of America to I can get credit ? Thank you

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris once killed a man by throwing a suggestion at him.

Laserlite 3000
Laserlite 3000
05 January 2019

Stay away from Bank of America all together. 40$ annual fee. No wonder they so rich. I never used the card ever and just payed the fee for years and then I decided to close it,. they ruined my credit score

Charlie Mitchell
Charlie Mitchell
29 December 2018

What kind of score gets approved on this card?

Billy Bat
Billy Bat
21 December 2018

I got the secured card and noticed I got my deposit back back after 7 months of having it. Will my card change after the month or stay the same? Am I eligible for the bonus still?

06 November 2018

is anyone getting a 39 anual fee after he first year with this card?

5 star

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.

Tia Xi
Tia Xi
29 October 2018

I am the platinum , barely use this card tho, just redeemed a cash back last month which is the first time redeem since I own this card for three years lol (25$ minimum redeem) ,but after I redeemed the cash, I found I am invited to platinum

Mandiz Wey
Mandiz Wey
09 August 2018

Where can i get more information on the ducks cars i keep looking it up but cant find it?

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