This video shows Dr. Evan Matthews explaining how to use a AccuSpin Micro 17 microcentrifuge.

Link to video showing how to use transfer and precision pipettes.

Link to video showing how to centrifuge and aliquot blood serum and plasma.

Link to Dr. Evan Matthews website.

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A laboratory centrifuge is a piece of laboratory equipment, driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples at high speed. There are various types of centrifuges, depending on the size and the sample capacity.Like all other centrifuges, laboratory centrifuges work by the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal acceleration is used to separate substances of greater and lesser density. . evan, matthews, evan matthews, vivo, phys, vivo phys, physiology, vivo physiology, lab, vivo phys lab, vivo physiology lab, dr. evan matthews, evan l. matthews, dr. evan l. matthews, microcentrifuge, how to, spinning, AccuSpin Micro 17, blood,

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