How to Apply, View, Change Promotions on Shutterfly

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You have a Shutterfly promo code, now what do you do what it? How do you input the code on your account? Watch this tutorial to find out how easy it is!

1) Create your free Shutterfly account
2) Log in and click the My Account tab, at the very top of the screen, in the right hand corner
3) It will take you to a new page that will allow you to enter your promotions code
4) Keep an eye out for a place that says: Promos/Gift Certificates/Gift Cards

*Enter your code into the corresponding box, and hit the arrow to apply the code to your account.

If you want to see any terms and conditions, or restrictions, under the box is a link called My Promos. This will show you extra details.

Note: If you are already finished creating your photo gift, and want to apply your code, do not worry! You can still apply your Shutterfly promo code in your Shopping Cart section.

In that same Shopping Cart section, you can also see all of your saved offers. To do so, click on the tab called See Saved Offers. If the system is not picking the code you want, this will let you pick and choose which offers you want to apply to the order. To finalize, click RECALCULATE before you Return To Cart.

Happy Shopping!

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Speaker 1: Welcome to the Shutterfly how-to video tutorial. In this tutorial we'll show you how to apply, view and switch your valid promos.
There are two places where you can apply a promo. From the My Shutterfly page, scroll down and click on My Account Info. In this page you'll see a text box where you can enter in your promo, discount and gift certificate codes.
Once you enter in your code a message will come up indicating if the code was applied, expired or no longer valid. The second place where you can enter in your code is in your shopping cart.
Before you check out you'll see a text box where you can enter in your promo or gift certificate code. To view your promos that have been entered in your account from the My Account Info page, click on the My Promos link.
Here you will see a list of valid promos in your account with their expiration dates. To see the terms and conditions of your promo, click on See Details. Additionally, you can view any gift certificates and pre-paid plan balances.
Next we'll talk about switching promos. By default our system adds the oldest valid promos. However, there may be times where newer deals may offer a better discount. Once in your shopping cart, click on the See Saved Offers link.
Here you can choose the option of which discounts you'd like to use. Once you're done selecting, please ensure that you click on Recalculate on top, then on Return to Cart.
This ends the how-to video for applying, viewing and switching valid promos. Be sure to check out our other how-to videos on our site. Thank you for watching.

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