Major League (1/10) Movie CLIP - I've Been Cut Already? (1989) HD

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The team plays a prank on Willie Mays Hays (Wesley Snipes), and while he impresses everyone with his running, his hitting leaves much to be desired.

Inheriting the Cleveland Indians baseball team from her late husband, covetous ex-showgirl Rachel Phelps (Margaret Whitton) wants to move the franchise to Miami, primarily to take advantage of the many personal perks she's been promised by that city. But Cleveland won't yield its lease on the Indians unless the year's attendance falls below 800,000. Figuring that chances for this are already good given Cleveland's inability to win a pennant, Phelps tries to make doubly certain that the fans won't turn out by ordering the club manager to put together the worst team possible. The new players include has-been Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger), blind-as-a-bat pitcher Ricky Vaughn (Charlie Sheen), self-protective free agent Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernsen), and Willie Mays Hayes (Wesley Snipes), who is constitutionally incapable of hitting straight. Surprisingly, this band of misfits begins winning games, so Whitton decides to break their spirit by forcing them to fly from game to game in a World War II prop plane, assigning them a rickety old bus for road games, and divesting them of their precious whirlpool.Still, the team's talent and esprit de corps grows, especially after "Wild Thing" Ricky Vaughn dons a pair of glasses and is able to see where he's lobbing his 100-mile-an-hour pitches. Once the players are told that Phelps plans to dump them all whether they win the pennant or not, the team defiantly adopts an "us against the you-know-what" attitude. In a nailbiting 20-minute climax, the Indians face down their hated Yankee rivals in the pennant playoff game. The film's conclusion ties up several loose plot ends, notably the off-and-on romance between the irresponsible Berenger and his "ex" Lynn Wells (Rene Russo). Though set in Cleveland, Major League was filmed virtually in its entirety in Milwaukee, with the Brewers' play-by-play announcer Bob Uecker giving a terrific performance as the Indians' drink-besotted color commentator. The film represented not only the fictional comeback of the Cleveland Indians, but the actual comeback of producer/director David S. Ward, who'd been in a professional slump for several years. Though containing few surprises, Major League was a box-office smash, inspiring a 1994 sequel, inventively titled Major League II.

TM & © Paramount (1989)
Cast: Tom Berenger, James Gammon, Andy Romano, Wesley Snipes
Director: David S. Ward
Producers: Julie Bergman Sender, Joe Roth, Chris Chesser, Mark Rosenberg, Irby Smith
Screenwriter: David S. Ward

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Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez
04 December 2018

The stupidity of the team when Mays hits the pop up, it hits the fencing then drops right down and both the players in the back of the fence are looking up as if he hit a high fly ball hahah

sixtyton angel
Sixtyton angel
03 November 2018

He ran like a 4.21.

Shah Putera
Shah Putera
02 November 2018

I remember doing this with coach. I ended up doing 160 push ups, 5 sprinting laps, and 50 suicides..........

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris hates Internet Explorer. And he is going to roundhouse kick the fuckin shit out of you if you use it. Get Firefox!

Jared Goolsby
Jared Goolsby
29 October 2018

What you can't see @0:29 when the camera angle changes is the IRS men chasing him.

ZCExpect_ J
ZCExpect_ J
28 October 2018

That throw to second was the shortstops falt it was a very good throw

ozuna ferndez
Ozuna ferndez
07 October 2018


Philip Carroll
Philip Carroll
07 October 2018

Actually they didn't play a prank on him. They got rid of him because he wasn't invited to spring training. Also, when I clicked on it to watch the video, I got an Allstate ad with Dennis Haysbert in it. He plays Pedro Serrano in the movie.

Alfred Tennyson
Alfred Tennyson
5 star

I am a part of all that I have met.

Mr. PePe768
Mr. PePe768
28 September 2018


17 September 2018

God, I wish Paramount made the sequel. Although I enjoyed the sequel, Major League is a movie that should've been Rated R...

Major League (1/10) Movie CLIP - I've Been Cut Already? (1989) HD Wiki

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