NEW 2018 Google Classroom Updates (detailed overview)

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This past week during the 2018 ISTE conference in Chicago, Google made quite a few announcements that will impact you this fall when you return to school.

The most notable announcements involve Google Classroom. Here's a round up of what we know and when you can expect access to these features

***Update Summary***
- The stream is being simplified
- There is a new "classwork" page
- Settings are being consolidated (finally!)
- Some awesome new options for quizzes!
- You will have much better control on how your assignments are groups and arranged.

Helpful links:
- My blog comprehensive blog post:
- Sign up for early access:
- Google's official announcement:
- Classroom Kickstart, my online course:

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Ron Belisle
Ron Belisle
19 December 2018

As a teacher now using Google Classroom, I need to be able to create quizzes in which the questions are shuffled and the multiple choice answers within each question are also shuffled. We as an institution are transitioning from Moodle which had this capability to Google Classroom. This feature is lacking in the quiz feature of Google Classroom.

Shalondia Hamilton
Shalondia Hamilton
06 November 2018

Where the heck is the announcement feature. Am I missing something?

Sheryl Schwartz
Sheryl Schwartz
05 November 2018

How can I move an assignment to the top of "Classwork". Clicking and moving one spot up, as the year goes, for 3 classes has my finger broken. Am I missing something?

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris doesn't go to the gas station. Chuck Norris goes to Jurassic Park.

Sanjay Sahni
Sanjay Sahni
16 October 2018

I was an Honour Roll student from grades 9-12 academic years at SRBHS until my Mom passed away on Sept. 10th, 1984.

Geraldine May
Geraldine May
15 October 2018

I use Google Forms to create assessments, I love the idea of it being linked through Google Classroom; however, I do not have the Quiz Assignment option showing up.

Christine Dobson
Christine Dobson
09 October 2018

How do I create assignments for multiple classes?

08 October 2018

Last year (first time using classroom) I thought classwork posts showed newest on top, oldest on bottom. I do not like having to manually, move to top for every new assignment; cumbersome. I agree with others in this post, I Loved having the list of topics available on the Stream page. It was handy. Useful video, looking forward to previewing your blog. Thank you.

Herbert Swope
Herbert Swope
5 star

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure: which is: Try to please everybody.

Miss Vickers
Miss Vickers
06 October 2018

can you do a Goobric video?

Kayla Wensmann
Kayla Wensmann
03 October 2018

These new features are great, BUT google classroom took away the TO DO page. BAD FOR STUDENTS AND BAD FOR EDUCATORS TO TAKE THAT AWAY. I heard back on the 6th of sept that they were bringing it back "In a few weeks". It has been almost a month and we have not gotten it back. Many people are upset about this.

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New is an adjective referring to something recently made, discovered, or created. New or NEW may refer to:. Google Classroom, G Suite EDU, GoogleEDU, EdTech, Educational Technology, ISTE18,

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